Summer Lovin’, was it a blast?

So I havn’t sat down at the table for awhile, and I kind of miss it. I miss the writing, I miss going out and finding something to write about. I’m home for the summer from College, which means it’s been back to the farm life for a few months. This summer, sadly, has flown by, and it’s gone even faster than flying these past two months, because I met a girl. She’s so much fun to be around, she’s cute as a button, easy to talk to, and more social than I could ever hope to be. Because of how social she is, she feels like she has to spend time with all of her friends, which I can understand. But, when shes with me, she acts different.

I’m not one to get this kind of female attention usually, most people don’t go for the skinny guys whose ribs stick out and who can wrap their thumb and index finger around their wrist with room to spare. I’m not muscular, I didn’t play sports, I don’t hunt, I don’t farm, I don’t really do any dirty hard work, which is the common breed of men from where I’m from. So, as I said, I don’t get winks from girls, nor do I really ever get stopped by them to talk.  Of course, this is all just coming from my perspective. The issue at hand might just be that I can’t recognize a flirt or all the signs just fly over my head. Regardless, this girl’s different.

Let me start from the begining. I have a friend, his name is Jake, and he met this girl at his college right before summer started. He goes to a local college, unlike me, so he gets to remain close friends during the summer with all the people he met. Jake had his eye on this girl, and this girl introduced him to her best friend with the intention of hooking my brother up with her. The plan was for Jake to have this girl, and my brother to have her best friend, and life would of been grand. Unfortunately, this girl didn’t feel the same about Jake, so Jake gave up. However, this friend of hers and my brother still talked and hung out, which is how I got to meet this girl who turned town jake. When I first met her, holy cow, she was beautiful, and I just had to keep looking at her to remind myself how pretty she was. She was nice back, something I’d expected from a girl like her, that was the response I usually get from women I like, they act nice and then I never see them again. This wasn’t the case. We hung out about 5 more times after that, even fell asleep together in the same bed (no, nothing happened, pervs.) so I thought things were getting serious, and even thought that maybe this girl liked me and wanted something with me. In my experience, I make  a great “Brother-like Friend” to all the girls I like. This is going PAST friendzoned and into family-zoned, which is even more deeper and untouchable. Who wants to kiss their brother? Creeps do, and I don’t like creeps.

Anyway, this girl didn’t seem to be family-zoning me, or even friendzoning me. She liked to cuddle, we could talk all night, but nothing ever came of it, we never became exclusive, we never talked about being exclusive until about the 9th or 10th time hanging out. I told her I liked her a lot, to which she responded, “I need more time.”

So, she needed more time she said, to figure out her feelings. I asked her how long she needed, her answer made my heart ache. She wanted 7 months to a year to decide…

Excuse me? Okay, correct me if I’m being an impatient douche here, but since when does it take 7 months to a year to figure out your feelings for someone… Eshe once gave Lila (both writers here) some awesome advice regarding how to tell if you like someone or not. Eshe said, “If you look at them and want them to take their clothes off and get naked with you, then you like them. It’s that simple.” I don’t know if those are the right words or not, but its close enough to the point. So, excuse me for thinking that someone needs that long to figure out if you care about them or not. In my head, you should know if  you like someone within 2 weeks. 2 weeks is a great amount of time, it leaves things to be figured out still but it also doesn’t have you going in blind to a relationship. You don’t want to know everything about the person you’re dating before you start dating, because that leaves nothing to figure out. Being in a relationship with your friend, to me, is just adding the pressure to make things sexual. Im sorry, but I want to learn about you while I’m in a relationship with you, leave things to fate, and if we’re not meant to be, we’re not meant to be.

So, I actually re-confessed my feelings to her a week or so later, just to keep it on her mind, and we ended up sleeping together. (it’s okay to be a perv now, it actually happened)… and then we did it again a few days later. Now I’ve got a problem… I want something serious, she wants something physical. In her mind, when I go back to college she doesn’t have to see me anymore, but I want to see her. So, after a long conversation with her tonight, it left me bummed, kinda heart-broken, and lonely, but still left me wanting to go to her house right now and hug her. She hurt me, and I’ve given up hope that something will come of this relationship other than sex. So, thanks for reading my venting post, I’ve got more of a clear heart now than I did before, typing out my feelings really helped, even if nobody reads this. But if you did read this, please leave a comment with some advice, a hug, or a story of your own of something similar to this. Women are cray, folks… just cray.



P.S. — sorry if it’s too long to read… :/


Murder in my Mouth.

So, it’s been awhile.. my bad. So, here I go, posting time.

Today, I went to the dentist for the first time in over a year. I’ll admit, my brushing and flossing habits kinda slacked a bit during my first year of college, and I found it hard to force myself back into a schedule when I came home of when to brush my teeth twice a day. Some days, it only happened once, other days, it didn’t happen at all (I call those the slob days, don’t judge). Other than that, I’ve got a cavity forming on the upper back left tooth of my mouth, and it’s been getting sensitive, so I dreaded going today because I knew I would need a filling. So, this morning I woke up earlier than I have woken up in a long, long time… (10 am.. I know.. so early) and loaded up in the car after spending 10 minutes brushing my teeth and drove the hour to my dentist office. By the way, I live in the middle of nowhere, so, the nearest dentist is an hour away.

When I got there, they were ready for me to head back, so I didn’t have to sit in the waiting room and twirl my thumbs any. The nurse (do you call them nurses in dentist offices?) began looking at my teeth, and then cleaning them. All was good until she pulled the little metal hook tool out and began digging into my gums… they didn’t like being poked to much. (Warning… this might get graphic…). Before I knew it, she was gasping and apologizing and washing my mouth every three seconds. The tube to the sucker-machine-thing was clear, and all I saw was red. Then the pain come, and I was reminded why I hate the dentist. So, I endured the pain, got in the car and popped three Advil, and proceeded to accept my death.

Then we went to Ihop.. and I wanted to enjoy some effin awesome pancakes, but couldn’t because I found out part of my gums was ripped, and there was no comfortable place in my mouth for food to sit, so I just drank 5 cups of water. It was a lovely meal.

I’m sorry theres no picture for this post, but I couldn’t think about how I could capture this story with my avatar in SL, and It’s late so I’m kinda not in the mood to take a picture. I might edit one tomorrow and add it in…

Hope you enjoyed my lovely dentist story!




Song of the day because it’s just really catchy? – Nicki Minaj – Whip it

I’m not in Kansas anymore…

So, If you watched the national weather at all yesterday, you would of seen the Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan area getting pelted by the fury of nature.

tornado 3

I wanted to do my post yesterday, you see, and it was going to be about this prim carnivorous plant that we have on the roleplay sim, Raki is his name, but I feel this is going to be a better story, and because a Tornado interrupted my blog-thought-preparation.  The tornado sirens in my town, the alert on my phone, the screaming on the television, those didn’t really bother me. What DID bother me was that those things DIDN’T bother me. As a child, I was terrified of storms, and the second the words “Tornado Watch” appeared on the screen, I was in the basement with my belongings ready for the end of the world, and I would sleep there all night. This time wasn’t so dramatic.

As soon as all the alerts began going off, I casually got up from my computer, not running, not even speed-walking, I just grabbed a set of clothes, walked to the kitchen to grab some waters and a flashlight, and then, still walking, went back to my room to get my phone charger and wallet. 2 years ago, I would of been dashing around the house like a mad man and been in the basement in under 30 seconds. This time, my parents actually beat me to the basement, and had to shout for me to hurry up. My step-grandmother, who lives down the road, came flying into our house, and even she beat me into the basement. Eventually, I made me way to the basement, we closed the door, and braced for impact under blankets, pillows, and a mattress. In my opinion, everyone over reacted, I just sat on my phone and played Jurassic Park Builder, which is a fun game that everyone should get if they have an iPhone or Android.

Anyway, I considered this event to be my family bonding event for the week, so I’m allowed to be barricaded in my room for the rest of this week.  We weren’t in the basement for more than a half hour, and when we emerged from our hole, the storm was still hitting, but the tornado had just thrown a few branches from our neighbors tree into our yard and ripped off a few tiles from the roof. Other than a minor leak into our attic and a broken rocking chair that was on our front porch, the house survived to see another day, and nobody died.

Shortly after the tornado passed us, the weather channel changed their warning to a Flash Flood warning, as the rain had not let up at all. This morning brought sunlight, and we were able to look over the damage. My step dad is a farmer, and he complained about flooded corn fields and bean fields, because that is what he plants (he tried wheat once, but didn’t make profit off it.). My mother, complained about flooded landscaping and a flooded yard, and I complained because I couldn’t get to my car due to the large puddle blocking the way to the driver side door.

So, unlike the roaring tornadoes seen in the movie Twister (fun fact: I used the think the movie Twister was about an evil tornado that tormented an area whenever it stormed, rather than being several different tornadoes), this tornado was more like a powerful sneeze. I’m alive, the lightning was terrifying, and the rain came off our roof in the form of a waterfall. Compared to some places I know that friends live, I was lucky. One friend of mine, he has horses…or had them, lost all his animals because a tree broke his fence and the horses made a dash for freedom. So, yeah, I was lucky, and I’m glad for it! So, here’s my post for the day, enjoy the salad!


Song of the Day — Little Big Town – Tornado

Cray Cray Ex’s…

So, I’ve had a day today where I’ve just been lonely, felt like nobody wanted to talk to me, or what I had to say wasn’t important enough for some people. This feeling kinda overlapped from some things that happened yesterday, but I was able to keep my mind off of it because I went to work. Today though, I’ve been left with nothing but my thoughts. So, in my lonely fit, and cleaning rampage, I came across a box of letters that my ex-girlfriend had given me when we broke up. She had never sent them, but kept them in her room in  hopes that one day we would get married and she would show me them, but of course that never happened because she was 16 at the time and I was 18. Anyway, the letters really touched me. The first letter was actually from the day we met in 2010, and then several more throughout those years up until we dated. From the time we dated up until the last letter, there were song lyrics she had written, poems, fantasies of us living together with 3 cats and 2 dogs and horses in the back yard. It was really sweet.

blogpic_001We’ve been broken up for almost a year now, and the last thing on my mind is how our relationship was when it was about to end. What did cross my mind, in my loneliness was, “Dang… I really miss this girl.” I had really forgotten just how crazy she was, all of the things she had did that made me want to tear my hair out, or how her parents treated me because I wasn’t a nice catholic boy like they wanted for their daughter. On our first date, she made it clear that she would not be moving in with me until we were married, and the sex wouldn’t come until our honeymoon. That should of been a red flag for me at that point, but me and my innocence was just like, “D’aww that’s adorbs that she is thinking that far into the future.” Her brother thought we were going to become best friends, he was 12, and that was cute too. I even took him our for ice cream once and we talked about boobs. Yep… One night over the summer, I went to a party of a friend of my brother’s, and there was alcohol involved. I had told her I was going to a party, and her mind she must of believed it was a sleep over or something. Ladies, here is a lesson about boys; we don’t have “sleep-overs” just for fun, we have them because we’re to drunk to drive home or because we got in an argument with our parents/roommates/wives (depending on age of boy) and got kicked out of the house. I’m certain there are other reasons why a boy might have a sleep-over, but back on track with this story. So, when I go to this “sleep over”, she texts me and wants to make sure I’m having a good time, and at this point I’m probably not in the best of shape to be texting anybody, so my reply was a garbage can full of letters that didn’t form any words, and ended it with a smiley face that ended up being a  :` face, which obviously means I can’t feel my fingers. She didn’t call, she didn’t text, she had her mom drive her (two hour car ride from where she lived) to come take me home. Though, when she got here, I told her I wasn’t coming and locked her outside until she left. Best Boyfriend move? Probably not, but hey, whatever.

So back to my first point, if she was such a crazy girlfriend, pycho really, why am I missing her? After pondering it for most of the day while I plopped my SL avatar by the water of our beautiful island sky-platform so he could ponder it with me, I came up with this: I don’t miss -HER-, I miss the idea of her. Whenever I needed to talk, she was there, and whenever I needed my space, she wasn’t. That was the good thing in our relationship, and that behavior spawned from our friendship really more than our dating-couple-relationship. She was a great friend, but when things got beyond that, we were ready to kill each other. So, this whole “missing her” was pretty much a result of my loneliness and feelings of me not mattering. I’m starting to think that I might of dedicated to much of my life to this game called SecondLife, and now my real life is suffering because I have nobody near me to talk to unless its my family.So, to wrap up this blog post, I’m going to challenge myself to do something. I can’t write about what this said challenge is, but in a week or two I might write about the results. Until next time, enjoy the salad!

Today’s song choice — “Just Give Me A Reason” – Pink ft Nate Ruess (Sam Tsui & Kylee Cover)

Hair- [Burley] Sammy in Black

ISON – Quinton glasses in Monochrome

Piercings – Pekka. Miracle Piercing

Ears – [MANDALA] Simple Ears

Eyes- IKON ‘Sunrise Eyes in Bronze Light

Neck – +ILO+ Neckerchief in mono-black

Shirt – Sleepy Eddy Laceup Denim Shirt in Dark

**The Neck and Shirt pieces are available this month at The Men’s Department**

My Favorite (Favourite? :/ ) Summer Experience

So, when I sat down to write my post for today, I couldn’t think about any exciting events or funny stories to tell. I tossed around several ideas with some friends, and we finally came up with an idea I was excited to do. Now, this summer has been nothing but dull and boring so far. The highlight of this week was that I bought a new toothbrush… I know, I like to live dangerously. So, I thought back to other summers, and instantly remembered my favorite summertime experience. But first, some background information.

When I was in middle school and high school, I was a show choir boy. Yes, the show choirs that are in Glee, that kind of thing. We had the costumes, we traveled, we did things I thought I would never do, but my favorite time at the end of every year was that the director would take us on a big trip for 10 days. If you remember reading my post about being from a small town, It’s true. My show choir had 11 people, which was so small that our performances usually took place in nursing homes and churches. The TV show Glee makes small show choirs seem like they can fill a room with sound and fill a stage with dancing and activity, but no. Normally, show choirs have 40 or 50 members, but that’s besides the point. Back on track with the story, we had finished a year, it was my Freshman year of high school, and it was time to take our trip. All year long, there had been talk of going on a cruise, or going to New York City, or somewhere in California. We all had ideas in our heads on where we thought we were going, we even took bets and whoever got the place right got to ride in the back of the bus on the way there. (Back of the bus is like throne of the kingdom, you’re instantly the coolest person ever if you get the back seat… even though it was on a short bus… 11 members). So, when the director announced our trip destination, we were sitting on our hands with excitement. She hadn’t said the place yet, she just described everything we would be doing. It seemed fun enough, until she said, “Iowa”.

Excuse my language but, da fuq?! We did NOT work hard all year raising money for this trip to blow it on little country hick-state Iowa. We lived and breathed country living every day, why would we want to go somewhere else that has it! Screw that, take us to Disney Land! The look of confusion was pretty much glued on our faces, and the next day, we all piled onto the short bus, and began the 8  hour drive to good ol’ Iowa. Yippie. The drives to these locations was always the funnest, because by the end of it we looked a hot mess, had all slept on each other, pranked each other, and someone lost a shoe or an earring. We pulled into this drive way of a massive  house, it was actually considered a small mansion, and that’s when we found out that we would be living together, all the kids and all the adults under one roof. So, like kids moving into a new house, we claimed roommates and rooms, and set up camp. The house was old, there was a wasps nest and a creepy locked door with a chain over it in the basement, but we made the most of it. That first night, we went to a restaurant that had a live band, and they surprised us by asking us to perform, and then we got a free meal.

When we got back to the house, we played a game my family came up with, it’s called Follow the Red Barn Trail. We played that game outside in the dark until 3 or 4 in the morning, and we only stopped because the parents got out hoses and drenched us because we kept them awake. The way the game works is, someone is “It” and they get a flashlight. Everyone goes to hide, and the person with the flashlight goes out to find them. Once the person with the flashlight gets a hidden person illuminated in their beams, they shout ” <Name> – Follow the red barn trail!” and the person that got caught has to follow the person with the flashlight. This is when the game gets fun. The people who are still hiding have to sneak up behind the guy with the flashlight, and tap the person who is caught to free them. If the person with the flashlight turns around at just the right minute, they can catch the person trying to free their captive. Eventually, the person with the flashlight gets a train of people, and as soon as the person at the back of the train is free, they touch the person in front of them, and so on, and then the whole train is free. Then everyone has to scatter and hope they don’t get caught again. The game is over when the person who is it catches everyone. We played this game every night after that, but not as late because we didn’t want to get drenched again.

We did plenty more things in Iowa, even went to a Music Man festival, but nothing will compare to the fun we had outside that small mansion/large house while playing that game. All the members of the choir have graduated now, but we still remain great friends, and whenever we have sleepovers or get together, if it’s dark, the game is played. I tried to find a picture of the mansion home, but it got sold and turned into a private home, so I couldn’t find a picture no matter how hard I looked. So, this post will have to be a boring block of text, I’m sorry. 😀

Cats on the Mind.

So, when I sat down to write my blog post, because I knew it was my turn, I couldn’t think of something spectacular that I had done in the last few days, or really over my entire week. I’m on summer vacation now, and I havn’t gotten a job yet, and honestly I’m not in a huge hurry to get one. On a side note, I do have a job interview sometime next week for a job at a race track where I’ll only be working Saturdays from 4 to 11 or midnight. Anyway, my days are pretty much lazy, boring, and uneventful. The highlight of my day is when my parents go to sleep and I can stay up until 3 or 4 in the morning with my friends and do all sorts of random nonsense. Then it hit me, that something I felt I should share, even though you might not really care about it, but something that I’m really proud of.


I had mentioned this before in the last paragraph of one of my posts, and had shared my excitement to the world. I’m referring to the Realm of Mystara’s Bastet race. These little fellas have occupied my mind for the past week. You see, I’m the kind of person that when I get an idea, get support on that idea, and then sit down to make that idea happen, I don’t do anything else. So, when I decided I wanted to rush the bastet race in mystara to get it as an official race group with a race leader, headquarters, back history, lore, ranks, I went straight to the sim owner, Annie Ibanez, who agreed with my ideas and gave me two thumbs up to do what I needed to do and would support me in any way she could. This really kick started my motivation, and the next day, after 5 hours of writing in my Google drive, I ended up with documents on my thoughts for the bastet’s religion, ranks, history, group structure, and naming conventions. I also created an unofficial group to gather members up and start recruiting, named the tribe or pride (I haven’t figured out which term I’m going for yet… will probably end up being a Pride of Bastets, living in a tribe..). The group has really taken off a lot faster than I anticipated, which is giving me an extra boost to go back over my documents and change things and add more to their lore. This is my first time pretty much creating a race. Though I’m not creating them from the ground up, I am sort of taking my own approach to the race so they will be a special version specifically for Mystara. I never realized how hard it is to create a race, but I am really enjoying it.

So, I’m going to take this post as an oppurtunity to grow the race some more. If you’re a roleplay fanatic like myself and have an interest in roleplaying as a bastet, shoot me an IM in world and I’ll chit-chat with you. Actually, just shoot me an IM in world if you want to talk about bastets, if you have any ideas for them that I could steal, or if you just want to talk about the weather here recently (rainy where I am…), I’d love to talk! Stay beautiful!


The Jump in Views.


Seeing as we’re getting views from more countries than the U.S., U.K, and Canada, I thought I would do my post! Though this jump in blog views is all coming from a not so awesome situation, views are views bro. Here’s my whole view on the matter, eyes won’t make your avatar beautiful, they will only enhance the beauty that is already there. If your avi looks like it just fell off the noob bus yesterday, don’t blame the content creators. Beauty has a ton of different faces, the saying “One mans trash is another mans treasure (no.. not come up.. friggin Thrift Shop)”  applies to beauty as “One Ugly troll is another person’s vision of beauty!” I’m trying to keep this post all in fun, despite the story behind it, and I do hope this doesn’t start more stuff up, if it does, oh well. So anyway, don’t bash the creators for the lack of skill of how to make an avatar beautiful. They put a lot of time into what they create and spend a lot of what they earn so they can make more. SL Content creators aren’t cashing out thousands of dollars every week and going out and buying houses, they are doing what they do because they love it. Criticism can really be effective, but only if done right. I think I might of heard Eshe talking about doing a post here soon about how to effectively deliver criticism so it doesn’t start up a bunch of drama, and so the creator can take away useful information and apply it to their next big release, so look forward to that!

Now, in a lighter mood (the last paragraph was not in a dark mood by any means), I want to know what major hobbies everyone does in SL. I’m hoping for some comments on this since we bumped up our readership. Currently, my hobbies consist of sitting by myself doing nothing, and RPing. I’m looking for more things to do! As my friends like to say, “So many beautiful things in Second life!” and I want to experience those beautiful things. However, I can’t do so unless I know about them. So leave a comment in the thingy below and talk to me!

Now for a nice letter.

My Friends,

Yall are awesome. Keep up what you do, don’t let the haters get you down. Stay bold, stay bitchy, stay yourself!

Enough Said….

It’s Tera time now.



Song of the day – “Livin’ On A Prayer” – Bon Jovi (Alex Goot Cover) – Though nobody could ever compare to Bon Jovi, Alex Goot is pretty awesome and I love his music. Keep it up Alex!

Eyes – Ikon   (The picture above shows the Vendor Picture for comparison.. they’re pretty much similar, but I don’t have long eyelashes)

Burley – [Burley] Gosling

Skin – B I R D Y

Ears- Mandala 

Jewelry – Pekka

Jacket – AITUI – The Escape

I’m a Country Boy.


farmerasmen_001Just kidding, I never, ever, ever, say Howdie. In fact, I use it so un-often, that I spelled it wrong. It’s Howdy. Anywho, this post is a little bit about the contrast of my life right now. If you’ve read my earlier posts, you would know that I am a student who attends an arts college in the big city of Chicago, Illinois. However, what you don’t know is that my permanent home, the home that I live at all summer and have lived in since kindergarten, is in the middle of nowhere at the intersection of “never-heard-of-it” and “you-mean-that’s-a-real-place?”. Actually, whenever I would talk about my home town, I would actually refer to the closest town to mine, which is 45 minutes south. In case you are slow and haven’t caught on yet, I live in a small town, nobody has heard of it, nobody will ever visit here on spring break, and everyone knows everyone and their grandparents.

Just another bit of info to help you put into perspective how small my town is; my graduating class was 70 people, and I knew all of my classmate’s by first middle and last name, their address, and what their parent’s names were. We weren’t all friends, heck I had a bunch of enemies that I am glad to say I will never talk to again, but we were all close because we shared the small town lifestyle. Now, as if a small town wasn’t bad enough, my town was actually a small “farmer” town. We even had a drive your tractor to school day, which I never participated in because I was to cool for that. Spring and Fall were the busiest times back at home, and if  you wanted a clean car than you best find another place to live because during this time, every field was occupied by a dust and dirt throwing tractor planting or harvesting the crops. Night time is spent with the headlights on full blast, and a poor deer or raccoon loses their life each and every evening. Car repair shops are popular because people break their cars, not by getting in wrecks, but by getting wrecked (drunk,smashed, intoxicated, etc.) and going out and being a complete dumbass. I was always the outcast in my town. From an early age, I had an interest in art, and instead of joining every sports team like my guy classmates, I stayed after school to finish my painting in hopes that it would get sent to the art show. I loved choir and band and faked getting sick to avoid P.E. When I turned 16, my grandfather gave me my grandmother’s 2004 Cadillac CTS because it had been sitting in the garage for two years. So while my classmates were getting 4-wheel-drive double cab trucks and trailers, I was driving around in a Cadillac.  I went hunting one night with a buddy of mine, and when he was about to shoot a deer I had to close my eyes because I didn’t want to see it die. I actually pretended to sneeze so the deer would run off. I wasn’t invited to go hunting again.

I am far from a farmer. I hate dirt, I hate doing all the hard work that comes with being one, but I do love the lifestyle. I guess you could say this is a continuation of my guilty pleasures post, because I can’t get enough of late night bonfires, mudding in a field, flying down gravel roads in the bed of a truck, and sitting with my dad by the river with a line in the water and a beer in my hand. My favorite time of the year is the summer time, because my country throws a huge fair with concerts, and deep fried food, and animal shows, and so much more. It is always a blast. I will admit, during this time, I do wear a cowboy hat and boots and walk around like I’m the biggest redneck in the world. My wardrobe consists of cut off tee shirts, dirty blue jeans, boots, and a cowboy hat, and I love it. Of course, during any other time I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing that. I don’t know, I can’t explain it, I just love the lifestyle that comes with living in a small town.

So, if I loved the small town life so much, why would I go to Chicago for school? I decided I wanted to go to Chicago because I needed to get out of this small town and see the world (which is the plot-line of every country movie based in a small town if you think about it).  I needed to experience things, meet new breeds of people, and live a little bit. I do love Chicago, and I already can’t wait to go back, but I’m going to enjoy my middle of nowhere countryville. Someone told me today, that Chicago and the Country had the same amount of lights, so no matter where I was I could always enjoy the lights. When I asked what they were talking about, they said “You can’t see the stars in Chicago. And you can’t see the city lights in the Country.”

Song of the Day (My little bit of country with my little bit of city-music) – Cruise by Florida Georgia Line ft. Nelly

Skin – B I R D Y

Cowboy Hat- Rider’s Straw Cowboy Hat

Hair – Burley – Gosling

Shirt – <Kal Rau>

Grass –  Grass by Capo Freenote

Welcome Home!

bastet_001So, summer time began, I was happy, ready to run around with my shirt off and be crazy on the beach and run away from wasps and bees flailing my arms in fear because for some reason, these small creatures have the ability to send me crying and sprinting inside. The awful buzzing sound they make when they fly past your ear, or the bone-chilling thump you feel when they fall onto your head and get tangled in your hair. Yeah, I’ve experienced those both too many times. Those events usually are a good indicator for me that summer time has begun.

Fortunately, this post isn’t about bees and wasps and things that want to kill me, which saves me the trauma of having to think back to times in my life where I’ve had to deal with those critters. No, this post is about my life since I’ve been home from the school year and how “relaxing” my summer has begun.

Summer time during high school was awesome. I didn’t have a care in the world, I could come and go when I please, no responsibilities, I could stay up until 7 a.m. and sleep until dinner time. Life was good. Now, college student summer, as I am finding, is much much much different. Not only is it longer by a month (my college starts late), I am also now a “Grown-up”, which means the job hunt for me has started and I am stressing because, I don’t want to work more in the summer when I’ve worked hard enough during the school year. Call me lazy, call me spoiled, but I don’t want to work.

So, while I have been job hunting, my life has also been drama filled as my brother’s ex-girlfriend, the mother of his son, dumped him and is now engaged to his best friend. She is also refusing to let any of us see his son until the court date, so naturally my brother will be fighting for full custody because, she, the mother, is an evil witch with a “b”. As If that wasn’t enough of a punch to the stomach for my brother, he had also been experiencing severe side and stomach pains for the past four or five days, and my dad and mom, and even me for a little bit, chucked it up to his stress from all the drama in life and that it would pass eventually. It wasn’t until his work sent him to the E.R. that we thought it might actually be something.  7 or so hours later, my brother’s appendix is removed, and then the next morning (today) he is on the couch in recovery and I am his slave until my mom gets back, and when she does, I will be going out with friends to actually start enjoying my summer.

Also, as I have moved back into my mother’s house for the summer, I was quickly reminded how annoying she can be. I’ve now been told to clean my room (like a 10 year old) 15 times, and I’ve run out of things to clean in it but she still isn’t happy. What makes me laugh though is, when I make a snappy comeback at her, she stares at me with wide eyes and tries to look as mad as possible so I will give in. She has done this about 20 times since I’ve been home, because I’m such a rebel, and each time I have replied with the same stare. And then we have a staring contest until she shakes her head and walks away. I win.

Through all this, the job hunt, the family drama, the health issues, and the crazy mom issues, I keep asking myself why I came home for the summer instead of just staying in Chicago and working there. When I come up with an answer, I will let you know.

So, on a happier note, the RP sim that I roleplay at finally announced the racial write-up and history article for a race I’ve been dying to play but had no idea how to, the Bastets. So, in honor of these feline-folk, my picture is of my bastet avatar. I look forward to developing him as a character, making relationships with other characters through him, and turning him into a memorable character. Realm of Mystara better watch out, cause this bastet-bad-boy is coming out of the jungle.

Song of the Day –  Olly Murs feat. Flo Rida – Troublemaker


Avatar – Pixel Puss

Tribal Outfit – !XtraX! – Sunfall Male

Piercings – Pekka

Body Paint – >>Adrenaline Rush<<

Hair – Burley

~Potatoes gonna Potate~

Finished!! I’m all moved out, and moved back in…sorta. All my belongings are still scattered around the house, but there are reasons for my chaotic ways. Next week, I am repainting my bedroom, and rearranging things around, so there is no point in loading everything into my small room when I’ll have to move it all back out. So, it’s sitting in my living room, and that’s where it’s going to be sitting until I can paint and what not.

The move out process was an adventure. My parents called me at 5 a.m. (6 a.m. their time) and asked when they should leave for Chicago, because I was going to have a Resident Advisor check my room out at 10 a.m. So, I told them they should leave and aim to be at my place around 9 my time. However, because I obviously don’t know what I’m talking about (That’s sarcasm), my parents show up at 8 a.m., find that I am all packed and ready to load everything into the car (Which took a whole 15 minutes), and then get really mad that they have to sit there for an hour and 45 minutes because it’s not time to get checked out yet.

So, we go to breakfast and eat some really, really, really awesome bacon waffles and eggs. This entire time, my mom talks about how she wants to leave because she has to get to the racetrack (my mom is a racecar owner, she likes to push that fact around, and racing sometimes is more important than family events or being there for her kids). Finally, I get checked out and we get in the car and head back to Indiana. I wave goodbye to Chicago, and then the fun really starts.

My mom is a stressful person. She, in Chicago traffic, shakes like a drug addict, hold on to her seat belt for dear life or even sometimes covers her eyes. Not only is this embarrassing to watch and say “I am the child of this,” it is also very stupid and overly dramatic. So, I yell at her, she yells back, I tell her to freaking calm down, and she says not to tell her what to do, and then I take a nap so I don’t have to deal with it. Boy, I really missed family car rides (more sarcasm).

So that about sums up my moving out experience. I could add some small details of some really annoying things that happened, but I really wanted to get to my guilty pleasure.

Drumroll please, Ladies and Gentleman, I give you my….Guilty pleasures!! *The crowd goes wild!*

  1. I like to make people mad. If I am in the wrong mood at the wrong time, I can be a really mean person if someone is talking to me at that wrong time during that wrong mood.  My “emotion release valve”, the lever I pull to get rid of that wrong mood, is to be the biggest A-hole I can be just so that person will stop talking to me and leave me alone. I think this is a normal thing that everyone does when they’re in a bad mood, but what isn’t normal is the fact that I really, really enjoy doing this.
  2. I often look at other people’s avatars, if they are male avs, and wonder why I can’t look as good as them. I have a few guy friends that I am constantly looking at and wishing I had the fashion knowledge they had. The friends that know all the secret stores that make the really awesome mesh clothes and accessories are the ones that really make me jealous. My other friends always tell me that I am a nice, put-together avatar that knows about fashion, but in my head, I just know the popular stores and I buy the right colors. That’s about it.
  3. Like Eshe, I am also a Roleplayer. A roleplay sim is actually where I met Eshe. Also like her, I like to get deep into it, even to administrative roles. Though I’ve never been an admin for a RP sim, it’s something I have always wanted to do and try, and the times that I applied for an admin and didn’t get it were some of my saddest times on SL. I don’t know what it is about those roles, or what skills I could even offer to the admin teams, but that’s where I want to be one day. Who knows, maybe it will happen one day.
  4. I’m never happy with hair in second life. I have yet to find that one store that I’m like “They make the best hair! All my hair is from there because its so awesome!”… Sure, I know the popular stores, and I know some good hairs from random places, but I have yet to find that one hair in SL that I just must buy every color of, and wear it every day.
  5. My biggest pet peeve is the use of a lot and alot. I understand that people are often too lazy to put a space between the letters, but for some reason this really bothers me. Thanks to this blog – – I now picture a furry beast whenever someone says alot. If you say, “This food is something I eat alot,” I picture you holding your plate away from the creature  like you would hold it away from a dog that wants some. The Alot wants some of your food, but it’s something you eat, not made for Alots.
  6. Here is a picture of an Alot if you were too lazy to click the link above.











I was too lazy to take a picture today, and I also didn’t want to write where all my stuff was from, so just use your imagination to see what I look like today. And enjoy this picture of potato instead.


Music of the day : Against all Odds – Phil Collins (Stole this idea from Dee)