What is Word Salad?

Word Salad is a “confused or unintelligible mixture of seemingly random words and phrases”…

Word Salad is not to be confused with Alphabet Soup, because we like green plant-like food substances, and forks. We don’t do spoons.

Anyway, This blog is a collaborative summer project (Might go on after summer? Who knows) between two SecondLife Residents, Eshe Nakim and Asmen Foxclaw! This space is where random nonsense, funny jokes, events or thought-vomit will be written down for your enjoyment to read and share. There really will be no rhyme or reason to what is posted, but we promise it will be entertaining! The purpose of this blog was to keep our brain juices flowing and our writing fingers moving throughout the summer, as we are both writers. The way to improve your writing is by, you guessed it, writing. So here we are, this should be fun, and whatever happens here doesn’t have to stay here, this ain’t Vegas.


Enjoy the Salad!

Eshe and Asmen


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