Creole Lady Merm-a-lade

Tithis String of Tideborns has been a friend of mine for a couple of years.  Greek by birth, the sea is in her heart and she’s long been my favorite Mer-designer in SL.  Wildly talented, with a great eye for fantasy, practicality and color; with the advent of mesh in SL, it was only a matter of time before she produced a fully mesh Mer Avatar.



She’s a really fantastic build, well-proportioned, great detail.  The blend between woman and fish is smartly done, and the whole thing moves beautifully.  Even more so as there’s an add on Hud to ensure the mesh tail moves in sync with older Mer AOs that were designed around flexi-tails.

When you purchase the Xothian, you’re choosing the skin tone.  You get your choice of 10 differently colored tails, and as many differently colored eyes and nails as well as four different makeups all controlled through a single HUD.

There’s a LOT to love here.  Tithis even made an armor set that fits perfectly and adds that extra bit of bling.  She has plans to release a male version, as well as new Mesh Avatars that are only limited by her imagination.

There’s enough room for customization, I think, that you won’t get a lot of samey samey that people fear when it comes to Mesh in SL.

So if you’ve ever had the urge to learn if it really is better down where it’s wetter; the Xothian is a worthy investment.

Avatar And Outfit – Tideborns – Xothian – Ash Drow

Hair – Exile – Hearts Don’t Break even in Wild Fusion 2

Pose – Lost Angel – Undersea Treasure


Summer Lovin’, was it a blast?

So I havn’t sat down at the table for awhile, and I kind of miss it. I miss the writing, I miss going out and finding something to write about. I’m home for the summer from College, which means it’s been back to the farm life for a few months. This summer, sadly, has flown by, and it’s gone even faster than flying these past two months, because I met a girl. She’s so much fun to be around, she’s cute as a button, easy to talk to, and more social than I could ever hope to be. Because of how social she is, she feels like she has to spend time with all of her friends, which I can understand. But, when shes with me, she acts different.

I’m not one to get this kind of female attention usually, most people don’t go for the skinny guys whose ribs stick out and who can wrap their thumb and index finger around their wrist with room to spare. I’m not muscular, I didn’t play sports, I don’t hunt, I don’t farm, I don’t really do any dirty hard work, which is the common breed of men from where I’m from. So, as I said, I don’t get winks from girls, nor do I really ever get stopped by them to talk.  Of course, this is all just coming from my perspective. The issue at hand might just be that I can’t recognize a flirt or all the signs just fly over my head. Regardless, this girl’s different.

Let me start from the begining. I have a friend, his name is Jake, and he met this girl at his college right before summer started. He goes to a local college, unlike me, so he gets to remain close friends during the summer with all the people he met. Jake had his eye on this girl, and this girl introduced him to her best friend with the intention of hooking my brother up with her. The plan was for Jake to have this girl, and my brother to have her best friend, and life would of been grand. Unfortunately, this girl didn’t feel the same about Jake, so Jake gave up. However, this friend of hers and my brother still talked and hung out, which is how I got to meet this girl who turned town jake. When I first met her, holy cow, she was beautiful, and I just had to keep looking at her to remind myself how pretty she was. She was nice back, something I’d expected from a girl like her, that was the response I usually get from women I like, they act nice and then I never see them again. This wasn’t the case. We hung out about 5 more times after that, even fell asleep together in the same bed (no, nothing happened, pervs.) so I thought things were getting serious, and even thought that maybe this girl liked me and wanted something with me. In my experience, I make  a great “Brother-like Friend” to all the girls I like. This is going PAST friendzoned and into family-zoned, which is even more deeper and untouchable. Who wants to kiss their brother? Creeps do, and I don’t like creeps.

Anyway, this girl didn’t seem to be family-zoning me, or even friendzoning me. She liked to cuddle, we could talk all night, but nothing ever came of it, we never became exclusive, we never talked about being exclusive until about the 9th or 10th time hanging out. I told her I liked her a lot, to which she responded, “I need more time.”

So, she needed more time she said, to figure out her feelings. I asked her how long she needed, her answer made my heart ache. She wanted 7 months to a year to decide…

Excuse me? Okay, correct me if I’m being an impatient douche here, but since when does it take 7 months to a year to figure out your feelings for someone… Eshe once gave Lila (both writers here) some awesome advice regarding how to tell if you like someone or not. Eshe said, “If you look at them and want them to take their clothes off and get naked with you, then you like them. It’s that simple.” I don’t know if those are the right words or not, but its close enough to the point. So, excuse me for thinking that someone needs that long to figure out if you care about them or not. In my head, you should know if  you like someone within 2 weeks. 2 weeks is a great amount of time, it leaves things to be figured out still but it also doesn’t have you going in blind to a relationship. You don’t want to know everything about the person you’re dating before you start dating, because that leaves nothing to figure out. Being in a relationship with your friend, to me, is just adding the pressure to make things sexual. Im sorry, but I want to learn about you while I’m in a relationship with you, leave things to fate, and if we’re not meant to be, we’re not meant to be.

So, I actually re-confessed my feelings to her a week or so later, just to keep it on her mind, and we ended up sleeping together. (it’s okay to be a perv now, it actually happened)… and then we did it again a few days later. Now I’ve got a problem… I want something serious, she wants something physical. In her mind, when I go back to college she doesn’t have to see me anymore, but I want to see her. So, after a long conversation with her tonight, it left me bummed, kinda heart-broken, and lonely, but still left me wanting to go to her house right now and hug her. She hurt me, and I’ve given up hope that something will come of this relationship other than sex. So, thanks for reading my venting post, I’ve got more of a clear heart now than I did before, typing out my feelings really helped, even if nobody reads this. But if you did read this, please leave a comment with some advice, a hug, or a story of your own of something similar to this. Women are cray, folks… just cray.



P.S. — sorry if it’s too long to read… :/

Ramadan Kareem

Today starts the Holy Month of Ramadan. Which for Muslims around the world is a time of fasting and prayer and reflection. My heart remains in Egypt, a nation struggling to find its footing in freedom after decades of corruption and political oppression.

I wish today was the start of a joyous and warm holiday season. But it looks like this time I’ll be turning to my faith for comfort more than gratitude.

For health reasons, this will be the second year that I will not be able to fast for the season. Non-Muslims will perk and say “Why is that a bad thing?” But I like the fasting part. I may whine during the first week or so, but after that I hit my stride. There’s something cleansing about the process, and a victory felt as the sun sets, the prayer calls start, and the dates and apricot nectar come out before the big Iftar meal. Not being a part of that makes me feel a little outside of things, and a little sad.

It’s also the first Ramadan I’m starting out alone. My husband and I have had a tradition of taking a brief weekender vacation the weekend before the start of Ramadan; and the first Iftar used to be held at our house with family and friends. I used to spend all day preparing and cooking and setting the table with the fancy china, and turbo-cleaning the house, and keeping the cats out of the way. Today? I went to the medical center for blood tests. My husband is out of town, has been out of town for the past few weeks, and will continue to be out of town for the next few weeks. I can’t even be sure right now that I’ll see him before Eid. So I’m on my own.

So this season, I turn to my faith for comfort now more than gratitude, and will spend time with the Qu’ran, curled up on the couch doing the cover to cover reading alone. I’ll make more of an effort to make my prayers on time. I’ll pray that my husband makes it home safe and successful. I’ll pray for the health and safety of our family back home. I’ll recite my prayers in hopes for peace.

It won’t be a bad thing or an unpleasant time. Just more pensive and reflective and personal.

Ramadan Kareem.