Murder in my Mouth.

So, it’s been awhile.. my bad. So, here I go, posting time.

Today, I went to the dentist for the first time in over a year. I’ll admit, my brushing and flossing habits kinda slacked a bit during my first year of college, and I found it hard to force myself back into a schedule when I came home of when to brush my teeth twice a day. Some days, it only happened once, other days, it didn’t happen at all (I call those the slob days, don’t judge). Other than that, I’ve got a cavity forming on the upper back left tooth of my mouth, and it’s been getting sensitive, so I dreaded going today because I knew I would need a filling. So, this morning I woke up earlier than I have woken up in a long, long time… (10 am.. I know.. so early) and loaded up in the car after spending 10 minutes brushing my teeth and drove the hour to my dentist office. By the way, I live in the middle of nowhere, so, the nearest dentist is an hour away.

When I got there, they were ready for me to head back, so I didn’t have to sit in the waiting room and twirl my thumbs any. The nurse (do you call them nurses in dentist offices?) began looking at my teeth, and then cleaning them. All was good until she pulled the little metal hook tool out and began digging into my gums… they didn’t like being poked to much. (Warning… this might get graphic…). Before I knew it, she was gasping and apologizing and washing my mouth every three seconds. The tube to the sucker-machine-thing was clear, and all I saw was red. Then the pain come, and I was reminded why I hate the dentist. So, I endured the pain, got in the car and popped three Advil, and proceeded to accept my death.

Then we went to Ihop.. and I wanted to enjoy some effin awesome pancakes, but couldn’t because I found out part of my gums was ripped, and there was no comfortable place in my mouth for food to sit, so I just drank 5 cups of water. It was a lovely meal.

I’m sorry theres no picture for this post, but I couldn’t think about how I could capture this story with my avatar in SL, and It’s late so I’m kinda not in the mood to take a picture. I might edit one tomorrow and add it in…

Hope you enjoyed my lovely dentist story!




Song of the day because it’s just really catchy? – Nicki Minaj – Whip it


One thought on “Murder in my Mouth.

  1. O_o I hope you feel better soon! I hate the dentist, too- I tell them the story of how I bit a dentist when I was younger and they happily rub some numbing gel on my gums before they clean them >_> They count it as a “traumatic experience with a dentist”. You’ve had one now, I’d demand the gel!

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