Hero in Spirit

It’s been a rough week physically and I’ve just had a hard time mustering the energy to be communicative and positive and all the things I try to be.  Those who know the RL me know why, and they’re being supportive where I let them.

So today’s post is brief, but not exactly phoned in.  Strawberry Singh ‘s weekly meme presented a fun challenge and I wrestled with which movie poster to mimic.   I chose “Resident Evil: Apocalypse” mostly because I just love the word “Shopocalypse.”  Also because at least in a virtual world I can look like I get stuff done.


I’ll come back later and add design credits; but the skin is the new Ashley from BIRDY and is as usual for her, lovely and delicate.


2 thoughts on “Hero in Spirit

  1. I do hope this week has been easier than last week. Beautiful work, Eshe. I actually squee’d a little when I saw the Resident Evil text. ♥

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