I’m not in Kansas anymore…

So, If you watched the national weather at all yesterday, you would of seen the Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan area getting pelted by the fury of nature.

tornado 3

I wanted to do my post yesterday, you see, and it was going to be about this prim carnivorous plant that we have on the roleplay sim, Raki is his name, but I feel this is going to be a better story, and because a Tornado interrupted my blog-thought-preparation.  The tornado sirens in my town, the alert on my phone, the screaming on the television, those didn’t really bother me. What DID bother me was that those things DIDN’T bother me. As a child, I was terrified of storms, and the second the words “Tornado Watch” appeared on the screen, I was in the basement with my belongings ready for the end of the world, and I would sleep there all night. This time wasn’t so dramatic.

As soon as all the alerts began going off, I casually got up from my computer, not running, not even speed-walking, I just grabbed a set of clothes, walked to the kitchen to grab some waters and a flashlight, and then, still walking, went back to my room to get my phone charger and wallet. 2 years ago, I would of been dashing around the house like a mad man and been in the basement in under 30 seconds. This time, my parents actually beat me to the basement, and had to shout for me to hurry up. My step-grandmother, who lives down the road, came flying into our house, and even she beat me into the basement. Eventually, I made me way to the basement, we closed the door, and braced for impact under blankets, pillows, and a mattress. In my opinion, everyone over reacted, I just sat on my phone and played Jurassic Park Builder, which is a fun game that everyone should get if they have an iPhone or Android.

Anyway, I considered this event to be my family bonding event for the week, so I’m allowed to be barricaded in my room for the rest of this week.  We weren’t in the basement for more than a half hour, and when we emerged from our hole, the storm was still hitting, but the tornado had just thrown a few branches from our neighbors tree into our yard and ripped off a few tiles from the roof. Other than a minor leak into our attic and a broken rocking chair that was on our front porch, the house survived to see another day, and nobody died.

Shortly after the tornado passed us, the weather channel changed their warning to a Flash Flood warning, as the rain had not let up at all. This morning brought sunlight, and we were able to look over the damage. My step dad is a farmer, and he complained about flooded corn fields and bean fields, because that is what he plants (he tried wheat once, but didn’t make profit off it.). My mother, complained about flooded landscaping and a flooded yard, and I complained because I couldn’t get to my car due to the large puddle blocking the way to the driver side door.

So, unlike the roaring tornadoes seen in the movie Twister (fun fact: I used the think the movie Twister was about an evil tornado that tormented an area whenever it stormed, rather than being several different tornadoes), this tornado was more like a powerful sneeze. I’m alive, the lightning was terrifying, and the rain came off our roof in the form of a waterfall. Compared to some places I know that friends live, I was lucky. One friend of mine, he has horses…or had them, lost all his animals because a tree broke his fence and the horses made a dash for freedom. So, yeah, I was lucky, and I’m glad for it! So, here’s my post for the day, enjoy the salad!


Song of the Day — Little Big Town – Tornado


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