The Sacrifice (A Flash Fiction)

The SacrificeIt had been his rule as long as they’d been married. You have to get rid of something old in order to get something new. She stared into the sparse wardrobe, the spoils of her afternoon tumbled across the floor from their glossy paper bags. Two pairs of shoes, a dress, a jacket, some stockings and pretty lingerie to match. She’d felt wonderful as she’d walked down the street, those shiny bags bouncing with every staccato click of her heels against the concrete. But now, as she stared into her pared-down wardrobe, the high had faded and she was faced with a choice. She fingered the dry-cleaning bag that archived her cocktail dress. She didn’t go to cocktail parties anymore, and the dress was out of season now. But she worn that when she’d met him. A different him. One that tried to convince her that she didn’t have to make sacrifices.

She’d worn those espadrilles when she’d met him later in the park, and he told her all she had to do was pack it all up and walk out. It would all fit into a suitcase. She’d packed before just to see if she could.

She reached up and worked her fingers into the shoebox that had once held a pair of sandals sacrificed for a pair of suede boots last fall. But it wasn’t the heel of a boot her fingers closed over. It was the grip of a gun. A small revolver he’d put there in case of a break-in. He’d been wrong, the man in park. You have to sacrifice something old in order to have something new.

This is a Flash Fiction piece – a nod to one of my very favorite writers, Nobel Laureate Naguib Mafouz, who was known in his later years for his ability to convey entire stories in the span of a couple of paragraphs.    The point being to try to convey an entire story, including protagonist, conflict, obstacles and resolution in as few words as possible. 

Hair – TRUTH – Candy in Blonde

Skin – BIRDY – Audrey – Vamp Makeup – Pure Skintone

Blazer – The Secret Store – Structured Blazer in Chalk

Corset and Skirt – The Plastik – Princes Collection from 50L Friday

Shoes – G-Field – T strap in Cream

Pose – Glitterati – Shopaholic’s Closet


One thought on “The Sacrifice (A Flash Fiction)

  1. Who knew espadrilles could be so intense? Great work! Made me lean in close enough to hurt my eyes and have my heart jump near the end…though I’m sure everyone who read this had that reaction. Right? ♥

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