I Need a Vacation!

Some days, you just find yourself getting frustrated by all the things you normally love dearly.   The sun is out, the weather is warm, and you inhale deeply…and only smell air freshener and AC.  I need to go to the beach.

I grew up on the beach…some really beautiful beaches actually.. picture included below so that you may seethe in envy.


That’s the Mediterranean Shore in Egypt, just a little west of Alexandria.  It’s not just for envy; but I have to ask, how could anyone live in a place like that and not have it crawl up under the skin and become a full on addiction?  I’m an Addict.  I’ll own it.  I need to live fairly close to the beach, get the sunshine, smell that salty, fresh always moving air.  I don’t even mind the annoyances of sand all over the floor (This is why you don’t have carpet), or sudden quick bracing rains that tend to blow through in Winter.  Or.. as I’m staring down possibly moving back to the beautiful Emerald Coast of North Florida, the occasional city-obliterating Hurricane.  Heck, Ivan and Katrina were so close together I sometimes get mixed up which came first. (Ivan, by the way).

So I think I’m having withdrawals again.  I need a beach.  I need sand in my toes and to run down to the wharf and meet the boats when they come in to get the pick of the fish.  I need to sit in the sand and the sun and drink a beer and read a book.  I’m not alone.

In case I  haven’t covered that base; I’m one of the bloggers for Seraphimsl.com.  Which if you like shopping (You’re in SL, of COURSE you like Shopping)and have a hard time keeping up with events; we do that work for you in a neat condensed easy to use format.  It’s a shocking amount of work.  We’re not phoning this in.  A Seraphim blogger goes to each event, and takes the photos we use.  If it’s a “Hop Around” event (one that makes you go from sim to sim) then we’re there too, and saving correct SLURLS along the way.  We let you know if there’s demos, land impact, item permissions, and all sorts of things in a short little caption in each picture.  It’s not about us, it’s about you.  So personal commentary is kept to a minimum, and we just step back and let the designers shine.  I love that about Serpahim.  Almost as much as I love up on my co-bloggers in both blogs.  You see my co-bloggers here at the Salad; but I get to show you some of the Co-Bloggers over at Seraphim today!  Brace yourselves, they’re gorgeous.


From left to right.. That’s Liane, Dani, Vix, Shae and Me.  And that’s what I call them for short. They’re also Bloggers for both Seraphim and themselves, And I’ll make sure to Include their linkages below so that you can see them too. Also?  All Photo credit for that one up there to Dani, who makes us look Mega-Fab.

I joke about it, but there’s a lot of times I feel like the bad child of the crew. They’re all gorgeous glamazons exuding taste and style and put-together-ness.. and I feel a lot of time like they’re  En Vogue and I’m Lauryn Hill and for some unlikely reason we’re all hanging out. (I just dated myself again, didn’t I?) Everyone’s talented and lovely; but En Vogue was always polished and put together, and Lauryn Hill managed to give the impression that the look was secondary to her.

I say all of this, by the way, while having been shopping with Dani while she was wearing nothing but a lingerie set and a blazer.  And I still feel like she looked more put together than I could.  Some gals just GOT STYLE.  And some of us are just beach bums who hope not to embarrass them at fancy parties.

That being said?  We’re all just a little not right in the head.  We all have a pervy streak, like pretty boys.  We don’t all like the same kind of music.  We’re all married and fairly close together in age/maturity though; and that completely changes the dynamic of how we communicate.

Vix is a recent mom, and her little girl is so insanely adorable that I can’t show you a picture.  I saw a picture of her and decided on the spot that it would be impossible to have a baby of my own since she set the cute baby bar so insanely high!  She’s also as bad (if not worse) of a NOLA-phile as I am.  NOLA.. for those of you not in the know, is a short way of saying “New Orleans, Louisiana.”  Get it?  NO = New Orleans, and LA = the postal abbreviation for Louisiana.   She been super patient as I wriggle my way into the Seraphim Crew and sort out just how much load I can carry. She’s also the Originator of the Seraphim Blog so… I guess that kinda makes her my boss?

Dani’s been a super patient mentor and guide.  She taught me how to format my posts, reminded me of things I forget, and she has to be one of the most incredible Multi-taskers I know.  She just juggles it all with ease.. or at least she makes it look that way!  She and her husband are the kind of sweet not syrupy couple that Big A and I would totally hang out with over the weekend.

Liane and Shae are the other two in the picture, and the other two chatty cathies.  Clicking on links from them is a thing done at your own risk.  Be careful what you say, because they will find a way to make it hilarious.  They’re witty and sharp and sassy and super fun.

And that’s just the tip of that iceberg.  Seraphim bloggers work hard and play hard.  How hard?  How many Arcade Items can you find in that picture up there?  All Three of the rare Bikinis you say?  Some rare floaties drifting in the waves to the side?  I wish I could say that was it.. but it’s not, and we should all probably be ashamed of how much we’ve spent at the Arcade.  Many of us not even actually making it on sim, rather hovering on neighboring sims and praying the select distance wasn’t too far.  We should be ashamed.  But we’re too busy making girly squee noises over teacup pigs, or running over all the things in Vespa-style scooters in the rush to get to our cute little tents to know true shame.

I need to stop writing now.  I’ll keep rambling, and if you’re reading, I’m not sure how much you care about all of this.  But for the “What I’m Wearing”:

Hair – Wasabi Pills – Lola Summer in Lemon Tea

Skin – Glam Affair – Cleo 06 in Europa

Hands and Feet – SLink – Avatar Enhancement hands in Casual and Feet in Medium.

Mani/Pedi – MONS – Rocker for SLink Avatar Enhancement (Available at The Dressing Room Fusion)

Ears – Mandala – Stretched female

Eyes – IKON – Sunrise in Egyptian Blue

Lashes – Maxi Gossamer – Wild Full Thick in Black

Lip Rings – EllaBella – Ballad of Stars

Bikini – PaperDoll in Calypso (RARE Prize at The Arcade)

Shoes – Hucci – Embessa Sandals in Marine Blue- Available at FaMESHed

Tattoo – Identity – Courage to Change


4 thoughts on “I Need a Vacation!

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  3. What a sweet post, Eshe! You fit in so well with all of us, it’s like you were always part of the family. We are SO happy to have you! And you know what? The way you feel about everyone else dressing so glam and you feeling the like oddball out? I feel like that ALL the TIME! ❤

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