Murder in my Mouth.

So, it’s been awhile.. my bad. So, here I go, posting time.

Today, I went to the dentist for the first time in over a year. I’ll admit, my brushing and flossing habits kinda slacked a bit during my first year of college, and I found it hard to force myself back into a schedule when I came home of when to brush my teeth twice a day. Some days, it only happened once, other days, it didn’t happen at all (I call those the slob days, don’t judge). Other than that, I’ve got a cavity forming on the upper back left tooth of my mouth, and it’s been getting sensitive, so I dreaded going today because I knew I would need a filling. So, this morning I woke up earlier than I have woken up in a long, long time… (10 am.. I know.. so early) and loaded up in the car after spending 10 minutes brushing my teeth and drove the hour to my dentist office. By the way, I live in the middle of nowhere, so, the nearest dentist is an hour away.

When I got there, they were ready for me to head back, so I didn’t have to sit in the waiting room and twirl my thumbs any. The nurse (do you call them nurses in dentist offices?) began looking at my teeth, and then cleaning them. All was good until she pulled the little metal hook tool out and began digging into my gums… they didn’t like being poked to much. (Warning… this might get graphic…). Before I knew it, she was gasping and apologizing and washing my mouth every three seconds. The tube to the sucker-machine-thing was clear, and all I saw was red. Then the pain come, and I was reminded why I hate the dentist. So, I endured the pain, got in the car and popped three Advil, and proceeded to accept my death.

Then we went to Ihop.. and I wanted to enjoy some effin awesome pancakes, but couldn’t because I found out part of my gums was ripped, and there was no comfortable place in my mouth for food to sit, so I just drank 5 cups of water. It was a lovely meal.

I’m sorry theres no picture for this post, but I couldn’t think about how I could capture this story with my avatar in SL, and It’s late so I’m kinda not in the mood to take a picture. I might edit one tomorrow and add it in…

Hope you enjoyed my lovely dentist story!




Song of the day because it’s just really catchy? – Nicki Minaj – Whip it


Love Equally

no h8Yesterday was a very interesting day for me.. I have a younger sister who is pansexual,  and I decided to go with her to Pride for support.  This was my very first time attending a pride festival and surprisingly it was a lot of fun. In a weird way it was exciting to see how the LGBTQ community has such support and passion for each other. Everyone there was so friendly and trusting. It was very refreshing to be part of something so genuine. I have always been open minded but, after yesterday, I have a new found respect for LGBTQ. They take so much negativity on a daily basis and are constantly judged but, instead of taking that and being cold and negative right back, they celebrate who they are because they love themselves, and at the end of the day that’s all that really matters. I know a lot of people don’t agree with this type of lifestyle but, the way I see it is, it doesn’t really effect you, unless you are the one in the relationship. The intent of this post is not to persuade anyone but, simply to express my point of view and share my experiences.

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Same Love-  Mackelmore & Ryan Lewis ft. Mary Lambert 

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Skin – [Al Vulo! Skin]

Piercing – .Pekka. Mila  Piercing

Tatt00-::Unbroken:: No H8 Tattoo 

Hero in Spirit

It’s been a rough week physically and I’ve just had a hard time mustering the energy to be communicative and positive and all the things I try to be.  Those who know the RL me know why, and they’re being supportive where I let them.

So today’s post is brief, but not exactly phoned in.  Strawberry Singh ‘s weekly meme presented a fun challenge and I wrestled with which movie poster to mimic.   I chose “Resident Evil: Apocalypse” mostly because I just love the word “Shopocalypse.”  Also because at least in a virtual world I can look like I get stuff done.


I’ll come back later and add design credits; but the skin is the new Ashley from BIRDY and is as usual for her, lovely and delicate.

I’m not in Kansas anymore…

So, If you watched the national weather at all yesterday, you would of seen the Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan area getting pelted by the fury of nature.

tornado 3

I wanted to do my post yesterday, you see, and it was going to be about this prim carnivorous plant that we have on the roleplay sim, Raki is his name, but I feel this is going to be a better story, and because a Tornado interrupted my blog-thought-preparation.  The tornado sirens in my town, the alert on my phone, the screaming on the television, those didn’t really bother me. What DID bother me was that those things DIDN’T bother me. As a child, I was terrified of storms, and the second the words “Tornado Watch” appeared on the screen, I was in the basement with my belongings ready for the end of the world, and I would sleep there all night. This time wasn’t so dramatic.

As soon as all the alerts began going off, I casually got up from my computer, not running, not even speed-walking, I just grabbed a set of clothes, walked to the kitchen to grab some waters and a flashlight, and then, still walking, went back to my room to get my phone charger and wallet. 2 years ago, I would of been dashing around the house like a mad man and been in the basement in under 30 seconds. This time, my parents actually beat me to the basement, and had to shout for me to hurry up. My step-grandmother, who lives down the road, came flying into our house, and even she beat me into the basement. Eventually, I made me way to the basement, we closed the door, and braced for impact under blankets, pillows, and a mattress. In my opinion, everyone over reacted, I just sat on my phone and played Jurassic Park Builder, which is a fun game that everyone should get if they have an iPhone or Android.

Anyway, I considered this event to be my family bonding event for the week, so I’m allowed to be barricaded in my room for the rest of this week.  We weren’t in the basement for more than a half hour, and when we emerged from our hole, the storm was still hitting, but the tornado had just thrown a few branches from our neighbors tree into our yard and ripped off a few tiles from the roof. Other than a minor leak into our attic and a broken rocking chair that was on our front porch, the house survived to see another day, and nobody died.

Shortly after the tornado passed us, the weather channel changed their warning to a Flash Flood warning, as the rain had not let up at all. This morning brought sunlight, and we were able to look over the damage. My step dad is a farmer, and he complained about flooded corn fields and bean fields, because that is what he plants (he tried wheat once, but didn’t make profit off it.). My mother, complained about flooded landscaping and a flooded yard, and I complained because I couldn’t get to my car due to the large puddle blocking the way to the driver side door.

So, unlike the roaring tornadoes seen in the movie Twister (fun fact: I used the think the movie Twister was about an evil tornado that tormented an area whenever it stormed, rather than being several different tornadoes), this tornado was more like a powerful sneeze. I’m alive, the lightning was terrifying, and the rain came off our roof in the form of a waterfall. Compared to some places I know that friends live, I was lucky. One friend of mine, he has horses…or had them, lost all his animals because a tree broke his fence and the horses made a dash for freedom. So, yeah, I was lucky, and I’m glad for it! So, here’s my post for the day, enjoy the salad!


Song of the Day — Little Big Town – Tornado

The Sacrifice (A Flash Fiction)

The SacrificeIt had been his rule as long as they’d been married. You have to get rid of something old in order to get something new. She stared into the sparse wardrobe, the spoils of her afternoon tumbled across the floor from their glossy paper bags. Two pairs of shoes, a dress, a jacket, some stockings and pretty lingerie to match. She’d felt wonderful as she’d walked down the street, those shiny bags bouncing with every staccato click of her heels against the concrete. But now, as she stared into her pared-down wardrobe, the high had faded and she was faced with a choice. She fingered the dry-cleaning bag that archived her cocktail dress. She didn’t go to cocktail parties anymore, and the dress was out of season now. But she worn that when she’d met him. A different him. One that tried to convince her that she didn’t have to make sacrifices.

She’d worn those espadrilles when she’d met him later in the park, and he told her all she had to do was pack it all up and walk out. It would all fit into a suitcase. She’d packed before just to see if she could.

She reached up and worked her fingers into the shoebox that had once held a pair of sandals sacrificed for a pair of suede boots last fall. But it wasn’t the heel of a boot her fingers closed over. It was the grip of a gun. A small revolver he’d put there in case of a break-in. He’d been wrong, the man in park. You have to sacrifice something old in order to have something new.

This is a Flash Fiction piece – a nod to one of my very favorite writers, Nobel Laureate Naguib Mafouz, who was known in his later years for his ability to convey entire stories in the span of a couple of paragraphs.    The point being to try to convey an entire story, including protagonist, conflict, obstacles and resolution in as few words as possible. 

Hair – TRUTH – Candy in Blonde

Skin – BIRDY – Audrey – Vamp Makeup – Pure Skintone

Blazer – The Secret Store – Structured Blazer in Chalk

Corset and Skirt – The Plastik – Princes Collection from 50L Friday

Shoes – G-Field – T strap in Cream

Pose – Glitterati – Shopaholic’s Closet

Summertime Shenanigans

So this week has been kind of crazy for me. I expected when summer rolled around I would have a lot more time for second life but, these days it just seems like everything keeps coming up. I have been spending some time with family, which is much needed. My mom and sister live about an hour away so I don’t get to see them often. I am really close to my family so it’s super depressing when I go weeks without seeing them. My current roommate was going away for a week, so I invited my family to come for an extended visit. It has been awesome! I forgot how fun it is to spend time with them and have people around who love you.

I am also in the process of moving, so having them here has been a lot of help. I have moved a lot in my life, 19 times to be exact…. and I am only 23. So long story short I hate moving!  You think that I would be good at it by now but, sadly I just seem to be accumulating more stuff. I have so many random things I don’t know what to do with it all, so I have decided to start getting rid of things. I thought this would make the process easier but, it seems to just be a lot more work. From now on I am making a promise to myself that if I ever move again, I am hiring someone to do it for me!


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Lego House- Ed Sheeran

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I don’t have time to make a picture so today I give you wise words from Sweet Brown….

movingAlso Please enjoy this bird dancing 😀


Cray Cray Ex’s…

So, I’ve had a day today where I’ve just been lonely, felt like nobody wanted to talk to me, or what I had to say wasn’t important enough for some people. This feeling kinda overlapped from some things that happened yesterday, but I was able to keep my mind off of it because I went to work. Today though, I’ve been left with nothing but my thoughts. So, in my lonely fit, and cleaning rampage, I came across a box of letters that my ex-girlfriend had given me when we broke up. She had never sent them, but kept them in her room in  hopes that one day we would get married and she would show me them, but of course that never happened because she was 16 at the time and I was 18. Anyway, the letters really touched me. The first letter was actually from the day we met in 2010, and then several more throughout those years up until we dated. From the time we dated up until the last letter, there were song lyrics she had written, poems, fantasies of us living together with 3 cats and 2 dogs and horses in the back yard. It was really sweet.

blogpic_001We’ve been broken up for almost a year now, and the last thing on my mind is how our relationship was when it was about to end. What did cross my mind, in my loneliness was, “Dang… I really miss this girl.” I had really forgotten just how crazy she was, all of the things she had did that made me want to tear my hair out, or how her parents treated me because I wasn’t a nice catholic boy like they wanted for their daughter. On our first date, she made it clear that she would not be moving in with me until we were married, and the sex wouldn’t come until our honeymoon. That should of been a red flag for me at that point, but me and my innocence was just like, “D’aww that’s adorbs that she is thinking that far into the future.” Her brother thought we were going to become best friends, he was 12, and that was cute too. I even took him our for ice cream once and we talked about boobs. Yep… One night over the summer, I went to a party of a friend of my brother’s, and there was alcohol involved. I had told her I was going to a party, and her mind she must of believed it was a sleep over or something. Ladies, here is a lesson about boys; we don’t have “sleep-overs” just for fun, we have them because we’re to drunk to drive home or because we got in an argument with our parents/roommates/wives (depending on age of boy) and got kicked out of the house. I’m certain there are other reasons why a boy might have a sleep-over, but back on track with this story. So, when I go to this “sleep over”, she texts me and wants to make sure I’m having a good time, and at this point I’m probably not in the best of shape to be texting anybody, so my reply was a garbage can full of letters that didn’t form any words, and ended it with a smiley face that ended up being a  :` face, which obviously means I can’t feel my fingers. She didn’t call, she didn’t text, she had her mom drive her (two hour car ride from where she lived) to come take me home. Though, when she got here, I told her I wasn’t coming and locked her outside until she left. Best Boyfriend move? Probably not, but hey, whatever.

So back to my first point, if she was such a crazy girlfriend, pycho really, why am I missing her? After pondering it for most of the day while I plopped my SL avatar by the water of our beautiful island sky-platform so he could ponder it with me, I came up with this: I don’t miss -HER-, I miss the idea of her. Whenever I needed to talk, she was there, and whenever I needed my space, she wasn’t. That was the good thing in our relationship, and that behavior spawned from our friendship really more than our dating-couple-relationship. She was a great friend, but when things got beyond that, we were ready to kill each other. So, this whole “missing her” was pretty much a result of my loneliness and feelings of me not mattering. I’m starting to think that I might of dedicated to much of my life to this game called SecondLife, and now my real life is suffering because I have nobody near me to talk to unless its my family.So, to wrap up this blog post, I’m going to challenge myself to do something. I can’t write about what this said challenge is, but in a week or two I might write about the results. Until next time, enjoy the salad!

Today’s song choice — “Just Give Me A Reason” – Pink ft Nate Ruess (Sam Tsui & Kylee Cover)

Hair- [Burley] Sammy in Black

ISON – Quinton glasses in Monochrome

Piercings – Pekka. Miracle Piercing

Ears – [MANDALA] Simple Ears

Eyes- IKON ‘Sunrise Eyes in Bronze Light

Neck – +ILO+ Neckerchief in mono-black

Shirt – Sleepy Eddy Laceup Denim Shirt in Dark

**The Neck and Shirt pieces are available this month at The Men’s Department**


Almost everyone who talks to me for more than 30 seconds learns I have two cats. So Just a spoiler. There will be cat pictures, and they will be adorable.

Catloaf is what we call it when one of the cats sits on the floor and tucks her feet and tail under her body so that they aren’t visible. It makes them look like a meatloaf, or a loaf of bread, so the logical leap is “Catloaf.” Loafing is a grand word for what they do all day. Lick themselves, sleep, eat, and poop.


Meshmesh Demonstrates the Catloaf

I planned on joining them. A slow day curled up on the couch, watching things on Netflix. Probably doing my part as a cat warmer and petting machine on demand. But you know what they say about the best laid plans of mice and men… they are always waylaid by cats. This is all going to make sense in a bit, I promise.

I am often plagued by fetal story ideas. I think many writers are.. That is to say Ideas that we can fit into a sentence and condense, and they sound like they’d be great, but developing them past that point can be a challenge at best, and at worst (And most if you look at my hard drive) results in a pile of half-finished novels that just wrote themselves into a corner and I haven’t figured out how to write myself out of that corner yet.

I had a friend who once referred to this plague as the “Popcorn Kittens.”   Naturally derived from the YouTube video there. If you imagine the kittens as Ideas (And can include the Joplin in your head if you like.. Yakity Sax works well too) There’s all of these ideas bouncing around, competing for attention, running into one another, and it can feel utterly impossible to sort all of them out and choose one that will sustain through the thousands of words it takes to make a novel.  It’s often the source of my “Writer’s Block.”  I may say, “I can’t think of what to write.”  When the truth is more, “I can think of too many things to write and can’t fixate on one long enough to make into something substantial.”

Conversations with me can be like that too, skittering around from one topic to another, bumping into one another, fighting for attention. My head is a noisome place to be, between my own worries and anxieties, my struggle to read between the lines, or interpret tone and facial expressions, the challenges of jockeying between two languages and trying to make it look easy. Sometimes I wish it would just be quiet for a little while and let one idea shine through and grow and develop into something wonderful and useful.

I had one of those days today, where my head was noisy and jumping from one idea to the next. I just couldn’t settle down, and so the popcorn kittens distracted me from catloafing.

The Catloaf in this post is named Meshmesh (Arabic for “Apricot” and used the same way westerners will call someone “Pumpkin” as a term of endearment); she’s a pound purry that we adopted close to two years ago as a kitten. She’s adorable; still clinging to her kittenish features as she grows (We’re pretty sure she’s pushing 12 lbs); with big wide clueless eyes and tippling back and forth between impossibly affectionate and needy to flying furry terror. She’s just as soft as she looks, and since she relaxes when I pick her up, she’s smooshy too. She’s also the younger of the two cats, and Asmen’s favorite.

Atuta being.. Atuta

Atuta being.. Atuta

The older is Atuta  (Arabic for “Tomato”); who we’ve had in our home for nine years now, and she was maybe 2 years old when we adopted her from a rescue agency.  Atuta’s a big cat; at close to 18 pounds and has settled down in her old age; preferring the quiet of curling up alongside a person for a nap. She’s not skittish around people like Meshmesh is, and there’s a sincerity about her affection that lets me believe that she knows when I’m upset and need her to pet and soothe away whatever’s aching me. She’s getting a little stiff in the joints, and is pretty well set in her ways. I call her my old lady, and she and I have been through a lot together.

So I was going to curl up with her and watch movies and just try to relax. Meshmesh would have joined in and rather than sit next to me, would sit on me. But the popcorn kittens got in the way. And so I posted.

My Favorite (Favourite? :/ ) Summer Experience

So, when I sat down to write my post for today, I couldn’t think about any exciting events or funny stories to tell. I tossed around several ideas with some friends, and we finally came up with an idea I was excited to do. Now, this summer has been nothing but dull and boring so far. The highlight of this week was that I bought a new toothbrush… I know, I like to live dangerously. So, I thought back to other summers, and instantly remembered my favorite summertime experience. But first, some background information.

When I was in middle school and high school, I was a show choir boy. Yes, the show choirs that are in Glee, that kind of thing. We had the costumes, we traveled, we did things I thought I would never do, but my favorite time at the end of every year was that the director would take us on a big trip for 10 days. If you remember reading my post about being from a small town, It’s true. My show choir had 11 people, which was so small that our performances usually took place in nursing homes and churches. The TV show Glee makes small show choirs seem like they can fill a room with sound and fill a stage with dancing and activity, but no. Normally, show choirs have 40 or 50 members, but that’s besides the point. Back on track with the story, we had finished a year, it was my Freshman year of high school, and it was time to take our trip. All year long, there had been talk of going on a cruise, or going to New York City, or somewhere in California. We all had ideas in our heads on where we thought we were going, we even took bets and whoever got the place right got to ride in the back of the bus on the way there. (Back of the bus is like throne of the kingdom, you’re instantly the coolest person ever if you get the back seat… even though it was on a short bus… 11 members). So, when the director announced our trip destination, we were sitting on our hands with excitement. She hadn’t said the place yet, she just described everything we would be doing. It seemed fun enough, until she said, “Iowa”.

Excuse my language but, da fuq?! We did NOT work hard all year raising money for this trip to blow it on little country hick-state Iowa. We lived and breathed country living every day, why would we want to go somewhere else that has it! Screw that, take us to Disney Land! The look of confusion was pretty much glued on our faces, and the next day, we all piled onto the short bus, and began the 8  hour drive to good ol’ Iowa. Yippie. The drives to these locations was always the funnest, because by the end of it we looked a hot mess, had all slept on each other, pranked each other, and someone lost a shoe or an earring. We pulled into this drive way of a massive  house, it was actually considered a small mansion, and that’s when we found out that we would be living together, all the kids and all the adults under one roof. So, like kids moving into a new house, we claimed roommates and rooms, and set up camp. The house was old, there was a wasps nest and a creepy locked door with a chain over it in the basement, but we made the most of it. That first night, we went to a restaurant that had a live band, and they surprised us by asking us to perform, and then we got a free meal.

When we got back to the house, we played a game my family came up with, it’s called Follow the Red Barn Trail. We played that game outside in the dark until 3 or 4 in the morning, and we only stopped because the parents got out hoses and drenched us because we kept them awake. The way the game works is, someone is “It” and they get a flashlight. Everyone goes to hide, and the person with the flashlight goes out to find them. Once the person with the flashlight gets a hidden person illuminated in their beams, they shout ” <Name> – Follow the red barn trail!” and the person that got caught has to follow the person with the flashlight. This is when the game gets fun. The people who are still hiding have to sneak up behind the guy with the flashlight, and tap the person who is caught to free them. If the person with the flashlight turns around at just the right minute, they can catch the person trying to free their captive. Eventually, the person with the flashlight gets a train of people, and as soon as the person at the back of the train is free, they touch the person in front of them, and so on, and then the whole train is free. Then everyone has to scatter and hope they don’t get caught again. The game is over when the person who is it catches everyone. We played this game every night after that, but not as late because we didn’t want to get drenched again.

We did plenty more things in Iowa, even went to a Music Man festival, but nothing will compare to the fun we had outside that small mansion/large house while playing that game. All the members of the choir have graduated now, but we still remain great friends, and whenever we have sleepovers or get together, if it’s dark, the game is played. I tried to find a picture of the mansion home, but it got sold and turned into a private home, so I couldn’t find a picture no matter how hard I looked. So, this post will have to be a boring block of text, I’m sorry. 😀

I Need a Vacation!

Some days, you just find yourself getting frustrated by all the things you normally love dearly.   The sun is out, the weather is warm, and you inhale deeply…and only smell air freshener and AC.  I need to go to the beach.

I grew up on the beach…some really beautiful beaches actually.. picture included below so that you may seethe in envy.


That’s the Mediterranean Shore in Egypt, just a little west of Alexandria.  It’s not just for envy; but I have to ask, how could anyone live in a place like that and not have it crawl up under the skin and become a full on addiction?  I’m an Addict.  I’ll own it.  I need to live fairly close to the beach, get the sunshine, smell that salty, fresh always moving air.  I don’t even mind the annoyances of sand all over the floor (This is why you don’t have carpet), or sudden quick bracing rains that tend to blow through in Winter.  Or.. as I’m staring down possibly moving back to the beautiful Emerald Coast of North Florida, the occasional city-obliterating Hurricane.  Heck, Ivan and Katrina were so close together I sometimes get mixed up which came first. (Ivan, by the way).

So I think I’m having withdrawals again.  I need a beach.  I need sand in my toes and to run down to the wharf and meet the boats when they come in to get the pick of the fish.  I need to sit in the sand and the sun and drink a beer and read a book.  I’m not alone.

In case I  haven’t covered that base; I’m one of the bloggers for  Which if you like shopping (You’re in SL, of COURSE you like Shopping)and have a hard time keeping up with events; we do that work for you in a neat condensed easy to use format.  It’s a shocking amount of work.  We’re not phoning this in.  A Seraphim blogger goes to each event, and takes the photos we use.  If it’s a “Hop Around” event (one that makes you go from sim to sim) then we’re there too, and saving correct SLURLS along the way.  We let you know if there’s demos, land impact, item permissions, and all sorts of things in a short little caption in each picture.  It’s not about us, it’s about you.  So personal commentary is kept to a minimum, and we just step back and let the designers shine.  I love that about Serpahim.  Almost as much as I love up on my co-bloggers in both blogs.  You see my co-bloggers here at the Salad; but I get to show you some of the Co-Bloggers over at Seraphim today!  Brace yourselves, they’re gorgeous.


From left to right.. That’s Liane, Dani, Vix, Shae and Me.  And that’s what I call them for short. They’re also Bloggers for both Seraphim and themselves, And I’ll make sure to Include their linkages below so that you can see them too. Also?  All Photo credit for that one up there to Dani, who makes us look Mega-Fab.

I joke about it, but there’s a lot of times I feel like the bad child of the crew. They’re all gorgeous glamazons exuding taste and style and put-together-ness.. and I feel a lot of time like they’re  En Vogue and I’m Lauryn Hill and for some unlikely reason we’re all hanging out. (I just dated myself again, didn’t I?) Everyone’s talented and lovely; but En Vogue was always polished and put together, and Lauryn Hill managed to give the impression that the look was secondary to her.

I say all of this, by the way, while having been shopping with Dani while she was wearing nothing but a lingerie set and a blazer.  And I still feel like she looked more put together than I could.  Some gals just GOT STYLE.  And some of us are just beach bums who hope not to embarrass them at fancy parties.

That being said?  We’re all just a little not right in the head.  We all have a pervy streak, like pretty boys.  We don’t all like the same kind of music.  We’re all married and fairly close together in age/maturity though; and that completely changes the dynamic of how we communicate.

Vix is a recent mom, and her little girl is so insanely adorable that I can’t show you a picture.  I saw a picture of her and decided on the spot that it would be impossible to have a baby of my own since she set the cute baby bar so insanely high!  She’s also as bad (if not worse) of a NOLA-phile as I am.  NOLA.. for those of you not in the know, is a short way of saying “New Orleans, Louisiana.”  Get it?  NO = New Orleans, and LA = the postal abbreviation for Louisiana.   She been super patient as I wriggle my way into the Seraphim Crew and sort out just how much load I can carry. She’s also the Originator of the Seraphim Blog so… I guess that kinda makes her my boss?

Dani’s been a super patient mentor and guide.  She taught me how to format my posts, reminded me of things I forget, and she has to be one of the most incredible Multi-taskers I know.  She just juggles it all with ease.. or at least she makes it look that way!  She and her husband are the kind of sweet not syrupy couple that Big A and I would totally hang out with over the weekend.

Liane and Shae are the other two in the picture, and the other two chatty cathies.  Clicking on links from them is a thing done at your own risk.  Be careful what you say, because they will find a way to make it hilarious.  They’re witty and sharp and sassy and super fun.

And that’s just the tip of that iceberg.  Seraphim bloggers work hard and play hard.  How hard?  How many Arcade Items can you find in that picture up there?  All Three of the rare Bikinis you say?  Some rare floaties drifting in the waves to the side?  I wish I could say that was it.. but it’s not, and we should all probably be ashamed of how much we’ve spent at the Arcade.  Many of us not even actually making it on sim, rather hovering on neighboring sims and praying the select distance wasn’t too far.  We should be ashamed.  But we’re too busy making girly squee noises over teacup pigs, or running over all the things in Vespa-style scooters in the rush to get to our cute little tents to know true shame.

I need to stop writing now.  I’ll keep rambling, and if you’re reading, I’m not sure how much you care about all of this.  But for the “What I’m Wearing”:

Hair – Wasabi Pills – Lola Summer in Lemon Tea

Skin – Glam Affair – Cleo 06 in Europa

Hands and Feet – SLink – Avatar Enhancement hands in Casual and Feet in Medium.

Mani/Pedi – MONS – Rocker for SLink Avatar Enhancement (Available at The Dressing Room Fusion)

Ears – Mandala – Stretched female

Eyes – IKON – Sunrise in Egyptian Blue

Lashes – Maxi Gossamer – Wild Full Thick in Black

Lip Rings – EllaBella – Ballad of Stars

Bikini – PaperDoll in Calypso (RARE Prize at The Arcade)

Shoes – Hucci – Embessa Sandals in Marine Blue- Available at FaMESHed

Tattoo – Identity – Courage to Change