Being the Change

SnapshottedI don’t think I intended to get into a dialog on the art of constructive criticism. And I won’t really elaborate much here on the how that happened. Ask me in world if you must, but overall don’t expect much in the way of negativity from me. When I wrote the first draft of this post; it was something over 3300 words long; which on 9gag would mean I would have to have the courtesy to end the post with a potato; and would still merit responses of “TLDR,” or “Too long, didn’t read.” So I was going to break it up into chunks and talk about the different things I ask myself before I write a critique for publication.

Or I could be Elle, who just went right ahead and decided to be the change she wanted to see in the world.

THIS is the critical intelligent insightful review we crave. A candid look at the work; not statements as to the creator’s personality or character. So I’ll Fangirl her review all over the block.

Do I wholly agree with her assessment? Yeah and no. But that’s a matter of personal aesthetic. I personally like the airbrushed look for certain things; and so it definitely has its purpose.

I absolutely do agree with her on the “Ethnic Skin,” issue, and it’s an issue we’ve pretty much always had in SL. The mild frustration I think more than a few folks feel when they want their avatar to reflect a particular race. Race isn’t just skin color; there is bone and muscle structure behind that. Now logically you’d say, “Okay so if I had a fairly ethnic shape (i.e. an aquiline nose, or almond shaped eyes) then any skin will look ethnic.” And then you learn that’s not true. Likewise, you don’t frequently see skins that take into consideration that non white folks aren’t built the same; and more than one store designer simply darkens the color of their skin without adjusting the features to reflect the ethnicity they’re trying to convey. Skin and Shape are the meat and potatoes of your avatar; and I’m sure we all know that getting the right combination to get the look you want can be a challenge.

But back on point. Elle did it right. And she deserves a lot more attention than she’s getting for it.

I didn’t t really dress up for this one.  It’s been a tired day and I’ve not been as motivated to get off the couch as I would like to be.

Hair: Ploom –ValyraII in Monochromes

Skin:  Alchemy – Drow in Granite

Shirt: Eneleya’s Creations – Tamara

Feet:  Slink – Mesh Barefoot – flat.

Jewelry:  Mandala – Lust Face & Ear Piercing

Couch: Lisp – Anna Sofa


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