Gin & Haterade

gatsby_004I just re-wrote this post. Just wanted you to know that. It was a long tirade against some people who had recently attacked some very dear friends of mine in various forums with regard to SL. And you know what.. I went to add the song at the end… and I just.. Changed tack. So before you continue, click the link, and leave this playing in the background as you read.

Rather than jump on the bandwagon of petty nastiness and haterade that seems to be circulating in SL; I figured my friends could use a love letter, something positive to turn to when they get bruised by the merciless storm of nastiness and pettiness that can surround them.

Dear Lakua and Pupita;

I am profoundly sorry that you both have been hurt by vindictive and cruel and thoughtless people who lack the maturity and grace to work with you instead of against you. You are, to me, both beautiful people whose love of music and willingness to share your amazing talents as musicians and builders with the SL Community is something to be cherished and kept dear.

You touch a place with me; one that fills with warmth as your music and build work evokes memories of a thrilling and magical time in my life. From sitting in the backseat of my friend’s VW Cabriolet shouting along to the Ramones’ “I Wanna Be Sedated,” as we drove the Corniche to Ft. Qetbey for ice cream; to curling up on the windowsill of my room, writing decidedly bad poetry to The Smiths and The Cure. While I joke about my taste in music in my teenage and young adult years being “Hipsteriffic,” many times it alienated me as well. Not having many friends that I could share my love of that style of music with was something that could be difficult for me growing up.

While I’ve decidedly matured over the years; and my tastes have become more eclectic; those anthems of my youth still strike a chord with me. And what you have brought to SL touches that same chord, plucks it and makes it sing.

I admire, profoundly, that you both are coming together to turn something positive from the negativity that came after you. That is am amazing and beautiful trait that speaks volumes to the power and beauty of who you are. Never lose that.

I know my song choice for this may be a little “mainstream,” but it speaks directly to the point. Don’t lose who you are.

In love and music,


Dear Ikon,

My heart breaks that your work became the target of someone who has neither your talent nor your maturity. It made me angry; knowing you, and how much of you goes into what you do, to see someone use negativity and immaturity to capitalize on the amazing person you are.

You carved out a place in my heart from our first conversation, and only succeed in wedging yourself in deeper with every conversation that has followed. I am so deeply grateful to know you, to have some chance to bask in that beautiful magnificent spirit that makes you you.

I am all the more grateful that you have let neither time, distance, nor my own foolishness interfere with that. I never told you. But the day I reached out to you, I was scared that too much time had passed, too much distance. Being met with such open arms and such kindness brought tears to my eyes.

Eyes that you know so intimately; how they’re constructed, the incredible artistry that nature has wrought that you capture so elegantly and faithfully in your SL Content contributions. You are brilliant, insightful, and thoughtful in ways that I often worry are dead for so much of the world.

So please, don’t let that one person diminish you. They can’t. You are amazing as you are.

In gratitude and attitude,


So I started this blog entry apparently having gotten into the same haterade that seems to be in a lot of people’s cups this Memorial Day weekend. I decided to add gin to mine, to cancel out the hate, and honor the spirits of the content creators I love by sharing some of that love instead.

Today’s Look, in honor of the Roaring ‘20s (When the cocktail came to prominence.. And you just try to tell me Haterade and Gin isn’t a cocktail), is also the aftermath of an impromptu photo shoot that I hope we’ll get to share soon.

I’m going to try something out here and see if it’s helpful.  If the Link in the list below is the STORE’s name, then it’s a SLURL to the Store.  If it’s the PRODUCT name that is the link, then it’s to that specific product on Marketplace.


8 thoughts on “Gin & Haterade

  1. You are one awesome lady.
    Turning such negativity into such beautiful positive encouragement.
    Where many of us would have used negativity and hatred to lash back, you decided to put your energy to much better and noble use. As a content creator, I know exactly how this feels, whether from a small negative comment or a verbal attack. Those who take the time to appreciate the hours of work, tears, sweat, and blood…maybe not blood >.> that go into creating something…instead of taking the time to break something down and tear it apart. Those are the people who make it worth while. While others feel the need to spew hatred because of whatever reason, pettiness, boredom. It just takes one small line, or a smile of encouragement, or simply a “I like your work” to cancel out all that hate. And so the people who appreciate us or take the time to say so, are as precious as diamonds because you keep us all going. So something so beautiful as your post Eshe, is enough love to keep these wonderful creators in high spirits for a long time to come 🙂

    Much love, Nina ❤

  2. Gogo is a bitch, plain and simple. She is arrogant and thinks because of her popularity and seniority as a blogger, that she has a right to tear anyone down and then just play it off as being her innocent opinion, when in fact her opinion is just overly picky, unnecessary, inflammatory, and does not offer any constructive criticism.

    • I wasn’t really intending to name names, and the point of re-writing the post wasn’t to go after anyone’s character. I’ll admit that was my gut reaction; but really I don’t know Gogo well enough as a person to make judgments about her character; and I had no real desire to add to her popularity by naming her here.

  3. How is saying “Your eyes don’t look like your vendors” being negative? I helped a friend search out eyes one night and he bought a pair of Ikon eyes. The first thing I noticed is how they did not look like the vendor. So I guess I have to ask you this – are all reviews supposed to be candy coated or are we mature enough to respect others for their critique.

    • I’m sorry. This isn’t another opening of a dialog that’s already ongoing somewhere else, and that I am no longer a part of.. I wrote the post to content creators who I felt could use a little positive reinforcement. I’d like to ask that discussion be kept there. This post here is not for that.

      • Criticism is part of the cost of doing business whether it be in real life or in second life. The difference though in sl because of the perception as it being a “hobby” for most is that we should be holding content creators hands and stroking their egos in the process. We ARE spending money though in SL – whether it be earned in world or purchased using one’s real life income. Thanks for posting my comments.

      • Not disagreeing at all. Just saying that there’s a place for criticism and critique. But that wasn’t my intent with this post. Though your thoughts are appreciated and perhaps will lead to a more detailed post inviting more of a dialog and exchange on the matter.

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