Doin’ It Like A Dude

Doing it like a dudeMy co-writers have expressed how sad they are with the arrival of Summer, for their various and entirely appropriate reasons. And here I go again revealing myself as the old bat in the belfry when I point out that this Summer, I have hopes, and so I’m not really sad.

My biggest hope is that my husband and I will be done with the immigration process for the both of us before the end of Summer. It has been a long, expensive and emotional battle. One that’s left at times jaded, resentful, and just plain tired. The Gang of Eight and Congress are starting to make steps forward on some real reforms to ease the burden on all sides of the fence. Unfortunately, those changes won’t have any real impact on us and our situation. We’re not illegal immigrants, we have our papers. I’m already in possession of my blue passport (American Passports are blue; Egyptian ones are green). We’re just waiting on Big A to get the last approval and his date set for his swearing in.  He’s about three  years overdue for it.  Yes, they’re telling us the backlog is three years long.

So we went to USCIS (United States Immigration and Citizenship Services) in Atlanta to get his stamp renewed in his Egyptian passport, and to remind them that we are still here and still waiting. The trips are mostly pointless; but it’s a few hours of precious time with the husband that I don’t normally get.

See, he’s been out of town scoping locations and looking for businesses to buy so that we can move somewhere with opportunities for us, and our friends and families. So I don’t see much of him at all. Dee and Asmen are great friends who offer a lot of support to a lonely housewife. But sometimes I need something more tangible when I miss him a little too much. So I’m known to root around in his closet and pull out his shirt to cuddle into and enjoy those scents of him that linger. Aftershave and soap, and Aqua di Gio cologne. Oh and HIM. That, whatever it is about him that smells like him. When he’s gone, I sleep on his side of the bed for the same reason.

So the pic today is inspired by running around in the man’s clothes. My Av looks better in them than I do. But she’s usually way more put together than I am.  Here’s some Jessie J for the fashion choices we make.


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