Welcome Home!

bastet_001So, summer time began, I was happy, ready to run around with my shirt off and be crazy on the beach and run away from wasps and bees flailing my arms in fear because for some reason, these small creatures have the ability to send me crying and sprinting inside. The awful buzzing sound they make when they fly past your ear, or the bone-chilling thump you feel when they fall onto your head and get tangled in your hair. Yeah, I’ve experienced those both too many times. Those events usually are a good indicator for me that summer time has begun.

Fortunately, this post isn’t about bees and wasps and things that want to kill me, which saves me the trauma of having to think back to times in my life where I’ve had to deal with those critters. No, this post is about my life since I’ve been home from the school year and how “relaxing” my summer has begun.

Summer time during high school was awesome. I didn’t have a care in the world, I could come and go when I please, no responsibilities, I could stay up until 7 a.m. and sleep until dinner time. Life was good. Now, college student summer, as I am finding, is much much much different. Not only is it longer by a month (my college starts late), I am also now a “Grown-up”, which means the job hunt for me has started and I am stressing because, I don’t want to work more in the summer when I’ve worked hard enough during the school year. Call me lazy, call me spoiled, but I don’t want to work.

So, while I have been job hunting, my life has also been drama filled as my brother’s ex-girlfriend, the mother of his son, dumped him and is now engaged to his best friend. She is also refusing to let any of us see his son until the court date, so naturally my brother will be fighting for full custody because, she, the mother, is an evil witch with a “b”. As If that wasn’t enough of a punch to the stomach for my brother, he had also been experiencing severe side and stomach pains for the past four or five days, and my dad and mom, and even me for a little bit, chucked it up to his stress from all the drama in life and that it would pass eventually. It wasn’t until his work sent him to the E.R. that we thought it might actually be something.  7 or so hours later, my brother’s appendix is removed, and then the next morning (today) he is on the couch in recovery and I am his slave until my mom gets back, and when she does, I will be going out with friends to actually start enjoying my summer.

Also, as I have moved back into my mother’s house for the summer, I was quickly reminded how annoying she can be. I’ve now been told to clean my room (like a 10 year old) 15 times, and I’ve run out of things to clean in it but she still isn’t happy. What makes me laugh though is, when I make a snappy comeback at her, she stares at me with wide eyes and tries to look as mad as possible so I will give in. She has done this about 20 times since I’ve been home, because I’m such a rebel, and each time I have replied with the same stare. And then we have a staring contest until she shakes her head and walks away. I win.

Through all this, the job hunt, the family drama, the health issues, and the crazy mom issues, I keep asking myself why I came home for the summer instead of just staying in Chicago and working there. When I come up with an answer, I will let you know.

So, on a happier note, the RP sim that I roleplay at finally announced the racial write-up and history article for a race I’ve been dying to play but had no idea how to, the Bastets. So, in honor of these feline-folk, my picture is of my bastet avatar. I look forward to developing him as a character, making relationships with other characters through him, and turning him into a memorable character. Realm of Mystara better watch out, cause this bastet-bad-boy is coming out of the jungle.

Song of the Day –  Olly Murs feat. Flo Rida – Troublemaker


Avatar – Pixel Puss

Tribal Outfit – !XtraX! – Sunfall Male

Piercings – Pekka

Body Paint – >>Adrenaline Rush<<

Hair – Burley


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