Rated R

lovelyI didn’t have much time to blog today so I figured I would jump on the bandwagon and let you in on my personal life. So here it is my Second Life guilty pleasures.

#1 Shopping.     As I have mentioned before I love to shop but, I have a major Second Life shopping addiction. If there’s sale I am there, if there is something new I buy it and, I upload linden like its my job. I enjoy having nice things in second life and I cant help it if there are so many beautiful things to buy. The ironic thing about this guilty pleasure is I am not a materialistic person in real life.

#2 Boys.     This may come as a surprise since I made a post yesterday questing second life relationships but, I love boys. I like meeting new people on second life because, its always a mystery. You never know who you may run into in this crazy virtual world. Sometimes people can surprise you, it also helps if they put work into their avi.

#3 Perv Camming.    I am the queen of the perv cam. I love to look at anyone and everyone. I like to see what people are wearing, how much work they put into their avatar, and find out any interesting facts they may have in their profile. I promise I’m not a creeper but, if your gonna put it out there I’m going to notice 😀

#4 My wireless headset.   90% of the time I am on voice either  in a private call, local chat or skype.  Unless my headset happens to be charging when I go afk I always just mute my mic and walk around the house whit my headset still on. You may be surprised what things you hear if you ever decide to do this! It can be funny, interesting and sometimes, disturbing.

#5 Talking about Sex.   Two of my friends and I tend to always be online very late at night and some how the topic of sexually explicit things ALWAYS pops into the conversation. I am no prude and I am not afraid to admit that I love these talks. It is very interesting to hear about things from the perspective of the  opposite sex.  Let’s just say, I have learned a lot.

Now you know some private and interesting facts about me. Its only fair if you comment and tell me some of your guilty pleasures  😛


—– Song of the Day —

Still into you (paramore) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OblL026SvD4

—– Today’s Wardrobe —

Hair – “LoQ Hair” Beer

Eyes – Az – Realistic Sea

Skin – [Al Vulo! Skin]

Piercing – ..Pekka. Absurdo Unisex Piercing

Shirt- coldLogic top – fenty

Skirt-[QE] Country Mini- (The 100 Block)

Shoes- [Cliche] Citta Stiletto


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