Guilty Pleasures of SL

PhenomenaWow, only a couple of days in here and not only do I need to write something; since Dee and Asmen are prolific; but I kept skipping around on things to write about.

Thanks to Strawberry Singh and her still ongoing enthusiasm for bloggery and encouraging SL bloggers. I have something to write about now. Guilty Confessions of SL.

So. Here we go.

#1. I’m an Alt. I’ll own it. My first Avatar was a relatively well-known niche content creator. I ran an SL Business, made clothes, built on contracts. Those who know me a little more than just my screen name know who my original avatar was/is; but I don’t make it a point to advertise the fact that I’ve changed Avs. I feel particularly guilty about this because there are friends from the first avatar that I have not yet caught up with on the new avatar. I need to do that soon.

 #2. I’ve been known to SL Roleplay. Not just like a little pop in. I mean head in, up to the armpits, Moderator/Admin for some big RP sims. I’ll go hard for several months and then burn out, swear off SL RP for several months and then go crawling back. I’ve made so many of my best friends through SL RP though it’s hard to feel THAT guilty about it.

#3. I wanna be a Rockstar. I don’t know what it is. But my My avatar is prone to tattoos, body piercings, leather jeans, Doc Maarten style boots, odd hair colors… the list goes on. My SL Home (AKA the Hermit Hole) is no better. Guitars, Amp boxes, Drum sticks, Microphones, and Indie rock posters (I thank Ionic.. My wallet curses Ionic) litter pretty mcuh any surface I can fit them. Growing up, Punk and rock music was a little harder to come by, and I felt incredibly hip with the Smiths’ “Meat is Murder” or The Clash’s “London Calling” in my cassette deck. (Yes I just dated myself). I also dance my av around my skybox when I’m alone and listening to Spotify, as you can see by the picture.

#4. I Am Not Afraid of SL Content Creators. I know they are busy, but pretty much all of the content creators I’ve met and befriended are awesomely nice folks. I have no shame about fangirling the hell out of them and telling them what I love about their work.. And of course asking for more! Siddean Munroe of SLink has been tolerating my pouty requests (Currently I’ve been nudging for a pair of open-toed espadrilles to go on the Medium Bare feet) for like, ever. Nina Helix of B I R D Y I talk to regularly on Skype.. And almost daily ask “Where’s my feet and hands?” Which is me asking when she’ll have her SLink appliers out.

#5 I am ridiculously slow about changing my avatar shape. On my first Avatar, she still wears the same shape she’s worn since 2006. This Avatar wore the same shape for two years, then a taller one. And only recently have I changed it again to the little shorty I wear now.

#6. I own a pair of Lola’s and I like them. I have, for years, been the sort to say that there is no situation when prim boobs were appropriate. And when they were straight up prims or even sculpts I had no reason to say otherwise. When I changed my av and went short; there were a few times where she looked just too young; almost childish and I was sometimes treated as a kid Av. So it seemed like a quick and simple solution. With a little resizing down from Ludicrously Top Heavy to more bite-sized, they worked; and content creators have been great about building for them. So I fell in with the fad.

So, that’s me, goofy, weird, Not fully right in the head. But in the end? I’m okay with that. I decided long ago that I’m not the best or brightest the world has to offer. And I don’t need to be. I’m okay with just being good. Sometimes I’m a rockstar, sometimes I’m a derp.

What I’m wearing:

  • Hair: Exile, Callisto in Cranberry.
  • Skin: B I R D Y, Delilah in Pure
  • Glasses: Iruco, Blow in Black.
  • Eyes: Fashism in Egyptian Blue
  • Piercings: S H O C K, Gacha Piercings in Candy
  • Tattoo: Insanya, Sleeve 13
  • Jacket/Shirt: Plastik, Sterling Jacket in Superstar
  • Jeans: Plastik, Militia Skinnies in Dark Wash
  • Boots: GOS, Triumph in Worn
  • Guitar: Precious Design, UK Electric Guitar

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