Cat + Fish = Second Life

loungeSpeaking of guilty pleasure, I want to talk about the most taboo guilty pleasure in Second Life, relationships. Many people come to second life to act out their fantasies in the virtual world but when and where does it cross the line? Many people who are involved in relationships in the virtual world have a real connection to the person they are involved with. Real feelings are involved and most of these relationships go beyond the computer screen. I have heard tons of people claim to be in a second life only relationship, so I propose the question, is this possible? Once you have any contact outside of the Second Life window screen, weather its Skype, Facebook or even texting you relationship is no longer “just SL”. With that being said, if your relationship now goes beyond Second Life does that make it real and if so, how do you know who you are really dating?

In Second Life we can look and dress however we want. We can choose to give out real information about ourselves or we can create a more interesting life in our own imaginations. How do you know what you can trust? The simple answer is you don’t. So if there is no trust can there be a relationship in the first place? Many of you have heard of or seen the show Catfish on MTV; I have heard rumors of Second Life being part of the upcoming Season 2. In all honesty I think it’s the perfect show for Second Life to be a part of. So many people fabricate parts of their lives in Second life, which is fine until it affects other people.

Over all to those of you in Second life relationships, be kind to one another. Think about how what you do and say can affect the people you claim to care deeply about. Be honest with yourself and each other. One last thing, try really hard not to end up on MTV 😛


—– Song of the Day —

Yellow Raincoat (Justine Bieber)

—– Today’s Wardrobe —

Hair – Alice Project – Hyori

Eyes – Az – Realistic Sea

Skin – [Al Vulo! Skin]

Piercing – ..Pekka. Absurdo Unisex Piercing

Accessories– Tee*fy – Vintage Brownie Camera : MossGreen

Shirt- Kyoot Lacey little top

Jeans- Kyoot  Etienne capris(gray)

Shoes- Beusy – Retro Toms


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