Tera Time With My Buddies!

So, words could not be used to describe how excited I was this afternoon. Today was my last day of classes for the semester, so you could pretty much imagine how fast I walked out of that classroom, down the stairs, and back to my dorm room. I’m pretty sure I even jumped out of the elevator with excitement and ran into someone. So, that means — SUMMER HAS BEGUN!! :O

After I got into my apartment and danced around for awhile (my roommates weren’t home), and after I collapsed on my bed and rolled around with joy, I got to my computer and the lovely Eshe, and my best friend Nina decided it was Tera time. If you’ve heard of Tera, you’d know that its a stunningly beautiful MMORPG game that is now free to play. I am not only a SL addict, I am also a Tera addict as well. So, of course I wasn’t going to say no to this idea. What better way is there to celebrate the end of the semester with some Tera.

So, the skype call began, we logged in, and the killing started. Before I knew it, it was dinner time and we had been playing for like 4 hours. The grumbly stomach informed be that it would play Tera no longer, as long as it was empty. My dorm building is laid out weird. One side of the building is apartments, the other side is suites (normal dorms where two people share a room, and a single bathroom separates two rooms so four people share a bathroom.) On the second floor, there is a cafeteria that usually serves hamburgers, pizza, fries, and deli sandwiches  though sometimes they like to get creative and change it up. So, as I went down to dinner tonight, I discovered they had roasted turkey with herbs and country gravy, red potatos, soups, and other various things I didn’t really care for. My dinner was DA BOMB. It was so good, which surprised me so much, that I had to grab another plate and enjoy some more. So it is with a full stomach that I am writing this blog.

Back to Tera. I play a castanic archer. Castanics are descendants of demons, which is why they have horns. They are sneaky little boogers, and really lack a filter when it comes to communicating. Due to their demon heritage, they are often thought to be evil, but that isn’t always the case. Also, for some reason, they don’t take as much falling damage as the other races, though nothing of their physical appearance would explain why that is. Oh well, I don’t mind being able to jump off of cliffs and not die.

The other writer for this blog, Eshe, plays an Amani Lancer. Amani are descendants from dragons, so they are larger than the other races, have scaled skin, and clawed feet and hands. The job of the lancer is to make sure that all the monsters and animals stay attacking her, so the DPS (Damage per second) classes can let loose a f-ton of damage while the healer only has to focus on one person to heal. If you are familiar with MMO terminology, the Lancer is a Tank. I, being an archer, am DPS.

Our other friend, Nina, a fabulous content creator in SL, plays an Elin priest. Elin are small little girls, created by the goddess of nature or something. Despite their height, appearance, and weird jokes in global chat, they are adults and are supposed to be a little risque. The job of the priest is, you guessed it, to keep the party members healed. They also make a cute little sound whenever they attack, it goes “Peh!”.

So yeah, that’s what I did all day. Tera time with my buds, celebrating my lack of class tomorrow, the day after, or all summer.

P.S. : I didnt get a picture of it, but we encountered these landscaping boxes in a dungeon in Tera, and flowers were growing out of them. But,  instead of soil, there was blood and organs. It was gross, so, use your imagination. Pulsing flowers growing out of human organs and blood in a stone landscaping box. Enjoy that Image!

Signing off for the day,



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