Meet The Writers – Part Deux – Eshe Nakim

OMG! I found my keys!

I wanted to start this off with a great positive message but it’s been a rough week for me to find my positivity. A tragic water heater failure ended up requiring the replacement of the ceiling and flooring in my living room a little over a week ago. Now, if you’ve ever had to do serious home repair in a place while you were living there, you know it’s anything but fun. Moving all of the big heavy furniture around was one thing; but it’s when all the little things you use everyday get out of their place that really drives you batty, right?

One of my sticking points was that I couldn’t find my keys. As in my house key, mailbox key and car key. As well as the fob that controls the alarm system. So, for a week I’ve been a prisoner in a half-packed house with nothing where it is supposed to be. They were in the pocket of my winter coat. (Living where I do winter isn’t really wintery, so we’re not talking about a big heavy coat here). Said Winter Coat was not hanging in the closet where it should be; but folded in a laundry basket with other coats that had to be moved out of the closet at the time.

So I kicked this idea to Asmen a couple of weeks ago. As a creative writing student I know he needs to keep writing. As an aspiring writer myself I need to keep writing too. So why not a Blog? He and I met in SL a little more than a year ago via a mutual friend who I expect you’ll hear much about from both of us as she’s both a great content creator in SL and a source of entertainment and funny that helps to keep us crazies mostly sane.

I first heard the term “Word Salad” on an episode of Boston Legal; which is a show made of awesome and hilarity. After all, it has William Shatner in it. Which automatically makes it awesome. And seeing as how neither Asmen or I really wanted to commit to a particular format for writing for this blog, it would be a lot more like a salad than anything that fits a more rigid definition. Some days it might be a flash fic blurb; other days maybe social commentary, other days maybe it’s just what the Av is wearing. Mostly it’s about writing whatever is fun and entertaining for us for that day, and like you and everyone, what entertains us one day is likely to be different from where our focus is the next day.

Who I am, I tend to think matters little in the grand scheme of things. There’s people who know me; and people who think they know me. I don’t think of myself as unique among the masses. There’s 6 billion people on the planet, and many of them interest me more than I do myself. So in a sense this blog will probably make me take a look at me and who I am today, and maybe I’ll learn something useful from it for whoever I might be tomorrow.

So On to the picture?

Rainy Day

Since I’ve been a bit on the mopey side; the Paris Apartment by Barnesworth Anubis at Collabor88’s May event seemed a good fit. The theme is “Rain or Shine” and the skybox comes with both a rainy option and a sunny one.

The Telescope and Curtains are from Lisp. Also purchased at a Collabor88 event (I might be a bit of an addict). There’s other things around my swank little pad that you will probably see in upcoming posts, but that’s what you see in the picture.

As for my Avatar? The hair and hat is A Winter’s tale from Exile. I’ve given up on normal hair colors, and have been on a dip-dye streak for a couple of weeks now.

The Jacket and awesome Joy Division shirt is from Ionic. Who, as a very dear friend put it, “seemed to have crawled through my record collection and designed clothes and furniture from the album covers.”

The Jeans are from ISON (available at Collabor88)which I decided I liked because they’re close fit at the ankles which allows me to wear boots with them.

The Skin is made of awesome and B I R D Y by Nina Helix (That Mutual friend I mentioned earlier that brought Asmen and I together). This is Audrey in Pure. And I adore her work so very much. I also get to hear her being fussy and overly detail oriented. But content creators tend to be perfectionists.

The eyes are Annie Ibanez’s Liquid Eyes in Denim. I love these because the pupils aren’t pinpoints; so it keeps the Av from having that thousand yard stare.

I love wearing glasses on my Av. I don’t wear glasses in real life; so putting them on my av is is just a thing. These are from Iruco, and I got them at the last Arcade event.

The Necklace is from Earthstones, the gypsy necklace. I got it a while ago and it just has a delicate style I like that manages to not get lost in all the other stuff on the Av.

The Tattoo is from Insanya, their Sleeve 13. It’s one of the few tattoos that I like; since it actually looks like a tattoo instead of just stuff stuck on the Av. I know it just barely sticks out of the sleeves of the jacket; but then when you think of it, if you have a tattoo in real life, there’s more than a few instances where you’d have it half or mostly covered. So here it just feels more natural to me.

So that’s what I’m wearing, and living in in SL. A world with far more order and sense right now than reality. And this was my first post to a blog I expect to be fun, silly, goofy, and educational for the writers. What the readers think of it? Well? Would you like Ranch or Bleu Cheese?

Eshe Nakim


One thought on “Meet The Writers – Part Deux – Eshe Nakim

  1. Yaaay! another first comment betches! 2 of the most awesomesauce, entertaining peoples writing a blog, what could be better!??! <3<3<3

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