Meet the Writers! Pt. 1- Asmen Foxclaw

Hey there!

asmenwriterpicSo, I’m Asmen, a second life addict with the desire to create things, but with no patience to see that dream come true. I am also a college student in the big city of Chicago, majoring in Fiction Writing, so look forward to seeing excerpts from pieces that are a work in progress! I’m a young lad, 19 years young, and actually joined the wonderful world of SecondLife on a different avatar when I was 13 (I know, shame on me.) I’ve done a lot of things, went through a lot of phases, and learned a lot over the past few years in that virtual world, and so it’s nice to finally have a place to sit down and share all my experiences with readers via a blog.

This blog was a collaborative idea with a good friend of mine, Eshe, who will probably be doing her introduction post eventually. As you can see, the title is SL Word Salad, and the definition of word salad is: a “confused or unintelligible mixture of seemingly random words or phrases”. This blog is going to be just that. We will be posting random nonsense about our lives, current projects, funny moments that happened,  events in SL, anything we can think of really. This blog is intended to be a summer project, something to keep us both writing like it’s our job every day, or every other day to keep our brains functioning.

So, as I’m learning how to properly use wordpress, expect a lot of errors, funky placed images, and random blank posts or something. Just smile and accept that it’s there, and I’ll learn eventually. Or who knows, I might be a pro at it. This blog should be very entertaining, and I hope you enjoy it! Stay tuned for some awesome word salad!



One thought on “Meet the Writers! Pt. 1- Asmen Foxclaw

  1. Ermagerrrrrrrrr! first comment bitches. P.s your background page makes me hungry >:O
    love, the creeper under your bed, who licks your ear at night<3

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