Being the Change

SnapshottedI don’t think I intended to get into a dialog on the art of constructive criticism. And I won’t really elaborate much here on the how that happened. Ask me in world if you must, but overall don’t expect much in the way of negativity from me. When I wrote the first draft of this post; it was something over 3300 words long; which on 9gag would mean I would have to have the courtesy to end the post with a potato; and would still merit responses of “TLDR,” or “Too long, didn’t read.” So I was going to break it up into chunks and talk about the different things I ask myself before I write a critique for publication.

Or I could be Elle, who just went right ahead and decided to be the change she wanted to see in the world.

THIS is the critical intelligent insightful review we crave. A candid look at the work; not statements as to the creator’s personality or character. So I’ll Fangirl her review all over the block.

Do I wholly agree with her assessment? Yeah and no. But that’s a matter of personal aesthetic. I personally like the airbrushed look for certain things; and so it definitely has its purpose.

I absolutely do agree with her on the “Ethnic Skin,” issue, and it’s an issue we’ve pretty much always had in SL. The mild frustration I think more than a few folks feel when they want their avatar to reflect a particular race. Race isn’t just skin color; there is bone and muscle structure behind that. Now logically you’d say, “Okay so if I had a fairly ethnic shape (i.e. an aquiline nose, or almond shaped eyes) then any skin will look ethnic.” And then you learn that’s not true. Likewise, you don’t frequently see skins that take into consideration that non white folks aren’t built the same; and more than one store designer simply darkens the color of their skin without adjusting the features to reflect the ethnicity they’re trying to convey. Skin and Shape are the meat and potatoes of your avatar; and I’m sure we all know that getting the right combination to get the look you want can be a challenge.

But back on point. Elle did it right. And she deserves a lot more attention than she’s getting for it.

I didn’t t really dress up for this one.  It’s been a tired day and I’ve not been as motivated to get off the couch as I would like to be.

Hair: Ploom –ValyraII in Monochromes

Skin:  Alchemy – Drow in Granite

Shirt: Eneleya’s Creations – Tamara

Feet:  Slink – Mesh Barefoot – flat.

Jewelry:  Mandala – Lust Face & Ear Piercing

Couch: Lisp – Anna Sofa


Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover


This post is going to be short and sweet. I noticed that Eshe’s post seemed to be the talk of the town today on and off of  Second life. When things have bad reviews in both second life and real life I always like to check them out for myself. I don’t want this post to come off as “Everyone on Word Salad has jumped on a bandwagon” because that is not the case. I just wanted to say that I decided to get myself a pair of Ikon eyes. Attached is a completely unphotoshoped picture and I have to say this is one of the best purchases I have ever made! These eyes light up without even an ounce of work. So to those of you at Ikon, Keep up the good work! Hates gonna hate; and for those of you reading the hate no matter what it is always try things for yourself.


—– Song Of The Day —

Alive- Krewella  (This explains how I feel with these eyes:D)

—– Today’s Wardrobe —

Hair – Truth Hair- Elisha 

Eyes – IKON Lucid Eyes – Lagoon (Lucid eye set not on marketplace but feel free to check out their Sunrise eyes)

Skin – [Al Vulo! Skin]

Piercing – .Pekka. Absurdo Unisex Piercing

The Jump in Views.


Seeing as we’re getting views from more countries than the U.S., U.K, and Canada, I thought I would do my post! Though this jump in blog views is all coming from a not so awesome situation, views are views bro. Here’s my whole view on the matter, eyes won’t make your avatar beautiful, they will only enhance the beauty that is already there. If your avi looks like it just fell off the noob bus yesterday, don’t blame the content creators. Beauty has a ton of different faces, the saying “One mans trash is another mans treasure (no.. not come up.. friggin Thrift Shop)”  applies to beauty as “One Ugly troll is another person’s vision of beauty!” I’m trying to keep this post all in fun, despite the story behind it, and I do hope this doesn’t start more stuff up, if it does, oh well. So anyway, don’t bash the creators for the lack of skill of how to make an avatar beautiful. They put a lot of time into what they create and spend a lot of what they earn so they can make more. SL Content creators aren’t cashing out thousands of dollars every week and going out and buying houses, they are doing what they do because they love it. Criticism can really be effective, but only if done right. I think I might of heard Eshe talking about doing a post here soon about how to effectively deliver criticism so it doesn’t start up a bunch of drama, and so the creator can take away useful information and apply it to their next big release, so look forward to that!

Now, in a lighter mood (the last paragraph was not in a dark mood by any means), I want to know what major hobbies everyone does in SL. I’m hoping for some comments on this since we bumped up our readership. Currently, my hobbies consist of sitting by myself doing nothing, and RPing. I’m looking for more things to do! As my friends like to say, “So many beautiful things in Second life!” and I want to experience those beautiful things. However, I can’t do so unless I know about them. So leave a comment in the thingy below and talk to me!

Now for a nice letter.

My Friends,

Yall are awesome. Keep up what you do, don’t let the haters get you down. Stay bold, stay bitchy, stay yourself!

Enough Said….

It’s Tera time now.



Song of the day – “Livin’ On A Prayer” – Bon Jovi (Alex Goot Cover) – Though nobody could ever compare to Bon Jovi, Alex Goot is pretty awesome and I love his music. Keep it up Alex!

Eyes – Ikon   (The picture above shows the Vendor Picture for comparison.. they’re pretty much similar, but I don’t have long eyelashes)

Burley – [Burley] Gosling

Skin – B I R D Y

Ears- Mandala 

Jewelry – Pekka

Jacket – AITUI – The Escape

Gin & Haterade

gatsby_004I just re-wrote this post. Just wanted you to know that. It was a long tirade against some people who had recently attacked some very dear friends of mine in various forums with regard to SL. And you know what.. I went to add the song at the end… and I just.. Changed tack. So before you continue, click the link, and leave this playing in the background as you read.

Rather than jump on the bandwagon of petty nastiness and haterade that seems to be circulating in SL; I figured my friends could use a love letter, something positive to turn to when they get bruised by the merciless storm of nastiness and pettiness that can surround them.

Dear Lakua and Pupita;

I am profoundly sorry that you both have been hurt by vindictive and cruel and thoughtless people who lack the maturity and grace to work with you instead of against you. You are, to me, both beautiful people whose love of music and willingness to share your amazing talents as musicians and builders with the SL Community is something to be cherished and kept dear.

You touch a place with me; one that fills with warmth as your music and build work evokes memories of a thrilling and magical time in my life. From sitting in the backseat of my friend’s VW Cabriolet shouting along to the Ramones’ “I Wanna Be Sedated,” as we drove the Corniche to Ft. Qetbey for ice cream; to curling up on the windowsill of my room, writing decidedly bad poetry to The Smiths and The Cure. While I joke about my taste in music in my teenage and young adult years being “Hipsteriffic,” many times it alienated me as well. Not having many friends that I could share my love of that style of music with was something that could be difficult for me growing up.

While I’ve decidedly matured over the years; and my tastes have become more eclectic; those anthems of my youth still strike a chord with me. And what you have brought to SL touches that same chord, plucks it and makes it sing.

I admire, profoundly, that you both are coming together to turn something positive from the negativity that came after you. That is am amazing and beautiful trait that speaks volumes to the power and beauty of who you are. Never lose that.

I know my song choice for this may be a little “mainstream,” but it speaks directly to the point. Don’t lose who you are.

In love and music,


Dear Ikon,

My heart breaks that your work became the target of someone who has neither your talent nor your maturity. It made me angry; knowing you, and how much of you goes into what you do, to see someone use negativity and immaturity to capitalize on the amazing person you are.

You carved out a place in my heart from our first conversation, and only succeed in wedging yourself in deeper with every conversation that has followed. I am so deeply grateful to know you, to have some chance to bask in that beautiful magnificent spirit that makes you you.

I am all the more grateful that you have let neither time, distance, nor my own foolishness interfere with that. I never told you. But the day I reached out to you, I was scared that too much time had passed, too much distance. Being met with such open arms and such kindness brought tears to my eyes.

Eyes that you know so intimately; how they’re constructed, the incredible artistry that nature has wrought that you capture so elegantly and faithfully in your SL Content contributions. You are brilliant, insightful, and thoughtful in ways that I often worry are dead for so much of the world.

So please, don’t let that one person diminish you. They can’t. You are amazing as you are.

In gratitude and attitude,


So I started this blog entry apparently having gotten into the same haterade that seems to be in a lot of people’s cups this Memorial Day weekend. I decided to add gin to mine, to cancel out the hate, and honor the spirits of the content creators I love by sharing some of that love instead.

Today’s Look, in honor of the Roaring ‘20s (When the cocktail came to prominence.. And you just try to tell me Haterade and Gin isn’t a cocktail), is also the aftermath of an impromptu photo shoot that I hope we’ll get to share soon.

I’m going to try something out here and see if it’s helpful.  If the Link in the list below is the STORE’s name, then it’s a SLURL to the Store.  If it’s the PRODUCT name that is the link, then it’s to that specific product on Marketplace.

Sorry not Sorry

First of all I want to apologize that I have been kinda missing in action. The title of this post has nothing to do with my absence. I have been handling some personal real life things but, I should be around a lot more often. So today I want to talk about a side of me that I am not sorry for. I can be the biggest nerd sometimes. Even though I am 23 years old I love to do silly kid things, Like coloring and blowing bubbles. I am not much of a reader but, when I do read I can’t put books down till I have finished the series, and most of all I am what I like to call a Netflix addict. I love to start watching shows after they have been on for a while then watch every episode ever until I have complete the entire show in a short few days or weeks. Lately I have been in more of a movie mood then a show mood so I decided to play catch up on some  movies my friends keep ragging on me about. In particular, The Harry Potter series. I have loved Harry Potter since I was a kid but, since i am not much of a reader I never took the time to read all the books and I never finished the movies, so until a few days ago I was completely clueless.nerdydee

This weekend I decided to educate myself and watch all 8 movies in 2 days. My actual goal was to watch them all in one sitting but, I crashed after the first 5. All I can say is WOW, this story is amazing and now all I want to do is find my old collection and sit down and read my heart out for days. From day one I was hoping that Severus Snape would end up being a good guy but, after he killed Dumbledore all my hope was lost on him. I was pleasantly surprised to find in the end my wish came true. I don’t want to give too much away for those of you who haven’t had the opportunity to see/ read this series but, my inner nerd now wants to go on a road trip to Harry Potter World in Florida…. Anyone wanna come? (Please feel free to leave any comments or fan fiction)

Overall I am a huge nerd at heart and I am far from ashamed. We are all different in our own ways but, I find that everyone has their quirks about them and overall everyone is a little weird or nerdy in their own way 🙂


—– Song Of The Day —

People Like us- Kelly Clarkson 

—– Today’s Wardrobe —

Hair – (Chemistry) HAIR – Buttons

Eyes – Az – Realistic Sea

Skin – [Al Vulo! Skin]


Piercing – ..Pekka. Absurdo Unisex Piercing


Glasses-SOVI3T * Nerd Glasses Classics

Shirt- Kyoot Lacey little top

Vest- Cynful- Tara’s Vest

Jeans- -SU!- Loretta Skinny Jeans Dark Blue

Underwear- DeeTaleZ Lingerie Negligee String white

I’m a Country Boy.


farmerasmen_001Just kidding, I never, ever, ever, say Howdie. In fact, I use it so un-often, that I spelled it wrong. It’s Howdy. Anywho, this post is a little bit about the contrast of my life right now. If you’ve read my earlier posts, you would know that I am a student who attends an arts college in the big city of Chicago, Illinois. However, what you don’t know is that my permanent home, the home that I live at all summer and have lived in since kindergarten, is in the middle of nowhere at the intersection of “never-heard-of-it” and “you-mean-that’s-a-real-place?”. Actually, whenever I would talk about my home town, I would actually refer to the closest town to mine, which is 45 minutes south. In case you are slow and haven’t caught on yet, I live in a small town, nobody has heard of it, nobody will ever visit here on spring break, and everyone knows everyone and their grandparents.

Just another bit of info to help you put into perspective how small my town is; my graduating class was 70 people, and I knew all of my classmate’s by first middle and last name, their address, and what their parent’s names were. We weren’t all friends, heck I had a bunch of enemies that I am glad to say I will never talk to again, but we were all close because we shared the small town lifestyle. Now, as if a small town wasn’t bad enough, my town was actually a small “farmer” town. We even had a drive your tractor to school day, which I never participated in because I was to cool for that. Spring and Fall were the busiest times back at home, and if  you wanted a clean car than you best find another place to live because during this time, every field was occupied by a dust and dirt throwing tractor planting or harvesting the crops. Night time is spent with the headlights on full blast, and a poor deer or raccoon loses their life each and every evening. Car repair shops are popular because people break their cars, not by getting in wrecks, but by getting wrecked (drunk,smashed, intoxicated, etc.) and going out and being a complete dumbass. I was always the outcast in my town. From an early age, I had an interest in art, and instead of joining every sports team like my guy classmates, I stayed after school to finish my painting in hopes that it would get sent to the art show. I loved choir and band and faked getting sick to avoid P.E. When I turned 16, my grandfather gave me my grandmother’s 2004 Cadillac CTS because it had been sitting in the garage for two years. So while my classmates were getting 4-wheel-drive double cab trucks and trailers, I was driving around in a Cadillac.  I went hunting one night with a buddy of mine, and when he was about to shoot a deer I had to close my eyes because I didn’t want to see it die. I actually pretended to sneeze so the deer would run off. I wasn’t invited to go hunting again.

I am far from a farmer. I hate dirt, I hate doing all the hard work that comes with being one, but I do love the lifestyle. I guess you could say this is a continuation of my guilty pleasures post, because I can’t get enough of late night bonfires, mudding in a field, flying down gravel roads in the bed of a truck, and sitting with my dad by the river with a line in the water and a beer in my hand. My favorite time of the year is the summer time, because my country throws a huge fair with concerts, and deep fried food, and animal shows, and so much more. It is always a blast. I will admit, during this time, I do wear a cowboy hat and boots and walk around like I’m the biggest redneck in the world. My wardrobe consists of cut off tee shirts, dirty blue jeans, boots, and a cowboy hat, and I love it. Of course, during any other time I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing that. I don’t know, I can’t explain it, I just love the lifestyle that comes with living in a small town.

So, if I loved the small town life so much, why would I go to Chicago for school? I decided I wanted to go to Chicago because I needed to get out of this small town and see the world (which is the plot-line of every country movie based in a small town if you think about it).  I needed to experience things, meet new breeds of people, and live a little bit. I do love Chicago, and I already can’t wait to go back, but I’m going to enjoy my middle of nowhere countryville. Someone told me today, that Chicago and the Country had the same amount of lights, so no matter where I was I could always enjoy the lights. When I asked what they were talking about, they said “You can’t see the stars in Chicago. And you can’t see the city lights in the Country.”

Song of the Day (My little bit of country with my little bit of city-music) – Cruise by Florida Georgia Line ft. Nelly

Skin – B I R D Y

Cowboy Hat- Rider’s Straw Cowboy Hat

Hair – Burley – Gosling

Shirt – <Kal Rau>

Grass –  Grass by Capo Freenote

Doin’ It Like A Dude

Doing it like a dudeMy co-writers have expressed how sad they are with the arrival of Summer, for their various and entirely appropriate reasons. And here I go again revealing myself as the old bat in the belfry when I point out that this Summer, I have hopes, and so I’m not really sad.

My biggest hope is that my husband and I will be done with the immigration process for the both of us before the end of Summer. It has been a long, expensive and emotional battle. One that’s left at times jaded, resentful, and just plain tired. The Gang of Eight and Congress are starting to make steps forward on some real reforms to ease the burden on all sides of the fence. Unfortunately, those changes won’t have any real impact on us and our situation. We’re not illegal immigrants, we have our papers. I’m already in possession of my blue passport (American Passports are blue; Egyptian ones are green). We’re just waiting on Big A to get the last approval and his date set for his swearing in.  He’s about three  years overdue for it.  Yes, they’re telling us the backlog is three years long.

So we went to USCIS (United States Immigration and Citizenship Services) in Atlanta to get his stamp renewed in his Egyptian passport, and to remind them that we are still here and still waiting. The trips are mostly pointless; but it’s a few hours of precious time with the husband that I don’t normally get.

See, he’s been out of town scoping locations and looking for businesses to buy so that we can move somewhere with opportunities for us, and our friends and families. So I don’t see much of him at all. Dee and Asmen are great friends who offer a lot of support to a lonely housewife. But sometimes I need something more tangible when I miss him a little too much. So I’m known to root around in his closet and pull out his shirt to cuddle into and enjoy those scents of him that linger. Aftershave and soap, and Aqua di Gio cologne. Oh and HIM. That, whatever it is about him that smells like him. When he’s gone, I sleep on his side of the bed for the same reason.

So the pic today is inspired by running around in the man’s clothes. My Av looks better in them than I do. But she’s usually way more put together than I am.  Here’s some Jessie J for the fashion choices we make.

Welcome Home!

bastet_001So, summer time began, I was happy, ready to run around with my shirt off and be crazy on the beach and run away from wasps and bees flailing my arms in fear because for some reason, these small creatures have the ability to send me crying and sprinting inside. The awful buzzing sound they make when they fly past your ear, or the bone-chilling thump you feel when they fall onto your head and get tangled in your hair. Yeah, I’ve experienced those both too many times. Those events usually are a good indicator for me that summer time has begun.

Fortunately, this post isn’t about bees and wasps and things that want to kill me, which saves me the trauma of having to think back to times in my life where I’ve had to deal with those critters. No, this post is about my life since I’ve been home from the school year and how “relaxing” my summer has begun.

Summer time during high school was awesome. I didn’t have a care in the world, I could come and go when I please, no responsibilities, I could stay up until 7 a.m. and sleep until dinner time. Life was good. Now, college student summer, as I am finding, is much much much different. Not only is it longer by a month (my college starts late), I am also now a “Grown-up”, which means the job hunt for me has started and I am stressing because, I don’t want to work more in the summer when I’ve worked hard enough during the school year. Call me lazy, call me spoiled, but I don’t want to work.

So, while I have been job hunting, my life has also been drama filled as my brother’s ex-girlfriend, the mother of his son, dumped him and is now engaged to his best friend. She is also refusing to let any of us see his son until the court date, so naturally my brother will be fighting for full custody because, she, the mother, is an evil witch with a “b”. As If that wasn’t enough of a punch to the stomach for my brother, he had also been experiencing severe side and stomach pains for the past four or five days, and my dad and mom, and even me for a little bit, chucked it up to his stress from all the drama in life and that it would pass eventually. It wasn’t until his work sent him to the E.R. that we thought it might actually be something.  7 or so hours later, my brother’s appendix is removed, and then the next morning (today) he is on the couch in recovery and I am his slave until my mom gets back, and when she does, I will be going out with friends to actually start enjoying my summer.

Also, as I have moved back into my mother’s house for the summer, I was quickly reminded how annoying she can be. I’ve now been told to clean my room (like a 10 year old) 15 times, and I’ve run out of things to clean in it but she still isn’t happy. What makes me laugh though is, when I make a snappy comeback at her, she stares at me with wide eyes and tries to look as mad as possible so I will give in. She has done this about 20 times since I’ve been home, because I’m such a rebel, and each time I have replied with the same stare. And then we have a staring contest until she shakes her head and walks away. I win.

Through all this, the job hunt, the family drama, the health issues, and the crazy mom issues, I keep asking myself why I came home for the summer instead of just staying in Chicago and working there. When I come up with an answer, I will let you know.

So, on a happier note, the RP sim that I roleplay at finally announced the racial write-up and history article for a race I’ve been dying to play but had no idea how to, the Bastets. So, in honor of these feline-folk, my picture is of my bastet avatar. I look forward to developing him as a character, making relationships with other characters through him, and turning him into a memorable character. Realm of Mystara better watch out, cause this bastet-bad-boy is coming out of the jungle.

Song of the Day –  Olly Murs feat. Flo Rida – Troublemaker


Avatar – Pixel Puss

Tribal Outfit – !XtraX! – Sunfall Male

Piercings – Pekka

Body Paint – >>Adrenaline Rush<<

Hair – Burley

Summertime Sadness

snappy of the dayToday I’m kinda having a down day. Summer should be a fun relaxing time but, summer for me just means loneliness. All my friends have gone home for the summer and my two best friends live out of state/country. So that leaves me with Second Life. I guess sometimes it can be a blessing in disguise. I have so many good friends here that keep me entertained and laughing. The fact that my best friends also play sl is a major bonus cuz; at least we can “be together” in some form. I hope all of you are having a good summer and I promise my post tomorrow will be more upbeat.


Ps if you’re looking for any new friends let me know 😀


—– Song of the Day —

Summertime Sadness (Lana Del Rey)

—– Today’s Wardrobe —

Hair – Eaters Coma – HAIR 14

Eyes – Az – Realistic Sea

Skin – [Al Vulo! Skin]

Piercing – ..Pekka. Absurdo Unisex Piercing

Shirt- Ricielli Mesh- Cropped Sweater/ Karl (Charming hunt)

Skirt-[ bubble ] Leo Prints Skirt

Shoes- J’s Studded Long boots

Socks-Izzie’s – Toeless Socks

Things I Love – Ionic

Engrama concert at SyS

I’ve mentioned Ionic before But thought hey.. You know.. They’re kinda all over my house and Av so maybe they deserve their own entry. Granted there will probably be a few content creators like this, and so a few entries. But inspiration strikes when it strikes. This time it struck yesterday when I had a few minutes to steal to go see the creators create something I love more than SL.. Music.

Pupita Helstein and Iakua Arriaga make some really great meshyness that’s put out in their store Ionic. A combo of furniture, clothes and buildings that in most other cases would be too much; with them it all just screams “TAKE MY MONEY!” The accessories provide that eclectic indie look that reminds me of my favorite place to stay in New Orleans. Frames leaned against a wall; a collage of indie album covers; speakers and guitars and drums. Decor with lyrics of songs from The Cure, The Smiths.. The list drones on of awesome and you’ll probably see more of their stuff as my blogging continues as I’m thoroughly an addict of most anything they produce.

As I mentioned before, where I grew up; this kind of music wasn’t what we heard on the radio. And I felt pretty Hipsteriffic tooling the Corniche with “This Charming Man” blaring over the speakers. As English isn’t my first language, I rarely looked for meaning in the music beyond the way the sounds all came together; but Morrissey spoke to me. The Clash belted out my teenage rebellion with all the discordant gravelly awesome I wished I had the courage for. The Cure gave words to my moony unrequited crushes.

I had a less than quiet moment of rage when I saw a Cadillac commercial recently that featured the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s “Phenomena.” I remember when that song came out. It wasn’t THAT long ago, 2006 I think. Certainly not long enough ago to merit being used to advertise a car I’ve always thought of as being for old people. After all, I’m not old! One of my favorite songs to sing along to on Rockband 3 is their song “Maps.” While I was always rather proud of my high score..I’m hardly that great a singer. Though whatever ego I had in that regard was utterly crushed when I heard Iakua Arriaga belt it out with a haunting beautiful desperation that just stunned me.

Both Pupita and Iakua have a wonderful grasp of both the technical and emotional sides of music. Both have beautiful voices that are as expressive as they are confident and assured. And they moved easily between covering great bands into their own haunting, almost ethereal material. They call themselves ENGRAMA; and I highly suggest grabbing their tracks for a listen here.

One of my RL guilty pleasure is collecting Cure covers. Meaning other bands and people who cover songs by The Cure. The way the message of “Love Song” can change from one band to the next amazes me. Engrama’s version was a jaw dropper. With Iakua’s plaintively echoed beautifully pitched vocals and Pupita’s precise and elegant guitar; their version rapidly fell second in line only to Niyaz’s cover of the same song in my “Favorite versions of Love Song.” Yeah, I just put her over Adele. Deal with it.

So the picture today is of them; not me, at SyS’s anniversary celebration. So, no list of things worn; instead; click through the links above for a more musical experience. And make it a point to stop by Ionic for all of your nostalgic indie needs.